Exo Terra Solar Glo

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One of the best balanced UV surface emitters on the market: EXO TERRA SOLAR GLO! Perfect in the UV-A and UV-B range, healthy heat radiation and optimum daylight spectrum.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Sonnenlicht simulierendes Lichtspektrum, das perfekt für alle Reptilien abgestimmt wurde
  • Gute UV-A- und UV-B-Werte für die gesunde Entwicklung von Terrarientieren
  • Ersetzt durch gute Wärmeleistung oft zusätzliche Wärmelampen
  • Standard E27 Fassung mit integriertem Vorschaltgerät - zum unglaublichen Sparpreis
  • Achtung: Darf nicht mit einem externen Vorschaltgerät betrieben werden!


Exo Terra Solar Glo

Attention: Not suitable for operation with external ballasts!

With the Exo Terra Solar Glo you get a perfectly balanced UV surface emitter. And as the name implies: Exo Terra Solar Glo offers a light spectrum very close to that of the sun! If we take a closer look at the spectrum of the Exo Terra Solar Glo, it's easy to understand, because this powerful UV surface emitter emits ultraviolet light (UV-A and UV-B), visible light (daylight) and infrared light (heat radiation) in an absolutely perfect ratio, which is designed exactly for the needs of reptiles in the terrarium. The positive effects on reptiles achieved by this sunlight-like spectrum cannot be overestimated. The values are set so carefully that there are no negative effects. This stimulates the appetite of reptiles, increases vitality and reproductive behaviour, reptiles shine in brilliant, natural colours and the vitamin D3 synthesis, which ensures sufficient calcium absorption, is optimised. The Exo Terra Solar Glo thus makes an important contribution to the healthy development of reptiles in the terrarium. The dreaded softening of the bones in reptiles cannot occur in the first place and also shell deformations, which unfortunately still occur in many turtles in the terrarium, are effectively prevented. And the best thing about it: all these advantages and positive effects are concentrated here in a single terrarium lamp. Simply ingenious!

And the Exo Terra Solar Glo is also easy to use. Because: Since this terrarium lamp belongs to the so-called mercury vapour lamps, the operation in the terrarium is not possible without ballast. But: One of the great features of the Exo Terra Solar Glo is that the ballast is already installed here! This means for you: Unpack and simply screw it into a commercially available E27 ceramic socket - the Exo Terra Solar Glo unfolds all its healthy splendour of light in the terrarium. Also good: The Exo Terra Solar Glo acts as a UV surface emitter over longer distances and reaches reptiles even in higher terrariums. With the Exo Terra Solar Glo you can easily set up local sun places for reptiles, which can be visited by the terrarium animals according to their needs. At the same time, the permanent heat radiation of the Exo Terra Solar Glo ensures pleasant temperature conditions in the terrarium. Especially in smaller terrariums it is therefore not necessary to install an additional heat lamp. This saves a lot of purchase and operating costs.

The popular and incredibly affordable Exo Terra Solar Glo is available in three different power ratings - just choose the wattage you need for your terrarium yourself:

Exo Terra Solar Glo UV floodlight, 80 Watt
Exo Terra Solar Glo UV floodlight, 125 Watt
Exo Terra Solar Glo UV Floodlight, 160 Watt

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