Arcadia Deep Heat Projector

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The Arcadia Deep Heat Projector uses state-of-the-art technology to generate the most natural and effective wavelengths of infrared, namely "Infrared-A" and "Infrared-B". These wavelengths were previously difficult to replicate in equilibrium in a small lamp.

The sun provides our world and its inhabitants with heat through the terrestrial wavelengths of light known as "Infrared-A" and "Infrared-B", but not directly with "Infrared-C", which is filtered out by the atmosphere. The terrestrial wavelengths of light are full of energy, while the photons of light fly down into our world. They are then available directly in the dermis of an animal, where they naturally provide energy;

Full-spectrum terrestrial daylight interacts with everything it encounters, and for ectopic species such as reptiles it is within these wavelengths that they receive the energy they need to "function".

The power consumption is significantly lower than many standard heaters. The Arcadia Deep Heat Projector 50W can outperform a 100W ceramic heating lamp in heat generation and projection. e.g.; This revolutionary lamp has a thick internal reflector so far less heat is wasted. Rapid heating, reaching and maintaining the set temperature. As with all lamps, the Arcadia Deep Heat Projector should be used with a thermostat. A dimmer thermostat ensures precise control of your heating level. You should check the temperature with a suitable, high-quality, non-contact laser thermometer. When used correctly, this high-quality, handmade heat lamp should provide you with a stable heat supply for years to come.

The Arcadia Deep Heat Projector produces virtually no visible light and can be used day and night. Therefore it will not interfere with the important day/night cycles (circadian rhythms).

Reptile heat lamps in comparison
Lamp type IR-A IR-B Light Deep tissue heating
Tungsten ✔ (little)
Ceramic radiator/heating mat ✘ (IR-C only)
Deep Heat Projector® under 4 Lux


distance Watt
50W 80W
150 mm 55 °C 62°C.
200 mm 45 °C 51 °C
300 mm 36 °C 44 °C
400 mm 29 °C 36°C

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Model RARHP80
Manufacturer Arcadia
Content 1 piece

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