Exo Terra Dimming Pulse Proportional Thermostat (600 Watt) with night setback

Incredibly precise and reliable: EXO TERRA THERMOSTAT 600 Watt Special Dimming Pulse Proportional Terrarium Thermostat in Exo Terra quality.

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Item number RK279

Exo Terra Dimming Pulse Proportional Thermostat (600 Watt) - high-precision and particularly inexpensive terrarium thermostat

This Exo Terra terrarium thermostat is our absolute top recommendation in terms of accuracy and energy efficiency. The reason for this is the special Dimming Pulse Proportional technology, which can only be found in this 600 Watt terrarium thermostat. Instead of simply switching the heat source on and off to produce large and unhealthy temperature variations in the terrarium, this thermostat accurately regulates the temperature by providing exactly the amount of power needed to maintain the target temperature. Great side effect: You save a lot of electricity costs, because Dimming Pulse Proportional thermostats are the most energy-efficient there are. Above all, however, with this thermostat the matching heat lamps can finally be operated flicker-free - they do not go on and off permanently as before but are automatically dimmed by the thermostat. And this in turn ensures a considerable extension of the service life of your lamps. More is definitely not possible with a thermostat! As ectothermic creatures, reptiles always need heat from external sources, because this is the only way they can regulate their body temperature correctly, which is vital for these terrarium animals. Unlike in a terrarium, the warmth of the sun is available to them in nature or, alternatively, objects and surfaces that have been heated by solar radiation. For the successful and species-appropriate keeping of reptiles it is therefore absolutely necessary to simulate a natural temperature gradient in the terrarium. The optimal controller for this is a powerful thermostat such as the Exo Terra thermostat, which offers very good features at an amazingly low price.

The Exo Terra Dimming Pulse Proportional Thermostat in the 600 Watt version is a powerful and technically perfect control unit to reliably keep the temperature conditions in the terrarium so stable that reptiles from different climatic zones can develop healthy here. Thanks to the wide control range between 10 and 60° C, this applies to terrarium animals from temperate regions as well as reptiles from hot desert areas. The Exo Terra thermostat provides reliable protection against overheating on hot summer days or against excessively cold temperatures in the terrarium on cool winter days. In short, thanks to the Dimming Proportional Pulse technology, this thermostat is able to regulate the temperature in the terrarium in such a way that there are always optimal conditions for reptiles.

It doesn't matter what type of heating element you use in the terrarium - heating cable, substrate heating, heating mat, radiant heater, etc. - the large Exo Terra thermostat can handle all common heating media. Simply connect the heating element to the Exo Terra thermostat, set the correct temperature and place the heat sensor in a suitable location - the length of the sensor cable is 185 cm, by the way. The very accurate heat sensor can also be used safely in humid terrarium environments. The use in a rain forest terrarium is no problem at all.

In terms of equipment, the Exo Terra thermostat can also compete with much more expensive devices: The terrarium thermostat has a red LED heat indicator which indicates whether the heater is working or not. Special recessed adjustment knobs protect your terrarium animals from accidental changes to the thermostat settings. Two separate control circuits on the 600 Watt version of the Exo Terra thermostat make it possible to set day and night temperatures separately, which is an important husbandry requirement for many reptile species. In addition, a photocell has been integrated into the temperature sensor, which automatically detects the day and night change error-free. Also helpful: The blue illuminated LCD display of the Exo Terra thermostat shows not only the current but also the preset temperature.

The Exo Terra thermostat has a 185 cm power cord. The supply line to the integrated socket has a length of 90 cm. The Exo Terra thermostat housing has the following dimensions: 118 mm (W) x 118 mm (D) x 42 mm (H). Adjust the Exo Terra Thermostat temperature to suit the needs of your terrarium animals - in case of doubt, be sure to check the optimal housing conditions of the reptiles concerned. The Exo Terra thermostat may only be operated with heaters that do not exceed the permitted switching capacity of 600 watts. The warranty becomes void in the event of damage indicating improper use.

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