Zophobas (black beetle larvae)

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Proven as live food: ZOPHOBAS! The energy-rich super snack for reptiles.

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  • Frischen verlorene Energiereserven schnell auf
  • Top-Futtertiere aus artgerechter Zucht
  • Besonders sparsam in der genialen Futterinsekten-Großpackung
  • Bewährtes Lebendfutter für Reptilien

Zophobas - feed animals with the extra portion of nutrients

Zophobas (black beetle larvae) belong to the most popular feed animals in terraristics. Zophobas are the larvae of the great black beetle (Zophobas morio), which is widespread in South and Central America. Zophobas are not suitable for use as a complete food for reptiles, because they are simply too rich! But: When used correctly, Zophobas are the perfect feed animals to provide reptiles with an extra portion of fat and calcium when needed. Zophobas are a great source to replenish energy reserves, especially after egg laying, hibernation or disease. Also as a delicacy for in between there is nothing wrong with Zophobas as food animals! As healthy as this extra portion of pure energy for reptiles may be, one thing you should keep in mind: Zophobas must be handled correctly and the following must be clear to you.

Do not leave Zophobas unattended in the terrarium and remove all food insects that have not been eaten by reptiles. The big black beetle may be a tolerable insect, but believe us, you don't want it in your house. Black beetles secrete a foul smelling secretion in case of danger and here we mean REALLY foul smelling and VERY long lasting! So don't give the Zophobas any chance to hide and pupate in the first place, only take as many food animals out of the can as your reptiles really eat. By the way, Zophobas only pupate when they are separated from other black beetle larvae.

In this position another serious warning of a bad habit, which unfortunately cannot be stopped. Often, Zophobas are used to fatten young bearded dragons with these feed-animals downright. Forget that for a minute! Reptiles do not develop healthily if overfed. The opposite is the case and diseases of the terrarium animals are the result. Those who do this can feed their own children with pure pig fat for the same reason! Furthermore: Zophobas are fortified food insects! The black beetle larvae possess well developed and powerful biting tools, which can cause severe injuries especially in young reptiles. Be sure to take this into account. If you want to be sure: Before feeding the Zophobas to your reptiles, separate the head of the black beetle larvae with tweezers. So there's no danger.

Our Zophobas are particularly rich and healthy nourished and always come from controlled breeding. You are therefore guaranteed to receive high-quality black beetle larvae for your reptiles in different pack sizes.

By the way, also Zophobas are fantastic fishing lures and above all in trout ponds or for eel fishing a very successful way to target the real capitals.

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