Tropical springtails (Collembola)

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Ideal food for dendrobats: TROPICAL SPRINGTAILS! High-quality and productive breeding approach. Decomposes plant residues in wet terrariums.

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  • Tropische Springschwänze als Lebendfutter
  • Ideal als „Bodenpolizei“ in Feuchtterrarien
  • Ideale Futtertiere für Dendrobaten (Pfeilgiftfrösche)
  • Aus streng kontrollierter Profizucht

Tropical springtails - feed for dendrobats and small insectivores

Springschwänze are very special feed-animals, because the Springschwänze (Collembola) possess a very long tribal-history. In principle, Springschwänze belong to the insects and here to the group of the urine-insects. They represent a separate class within the hexapod. About 8,000 different species of Collembola are known, the actual number of species is estimated at over 50,000. Springtails have inhabited the earth for about 400 million years, as evidenced by various fossil finds. What interests us the most here, however, are two characteristics of the springtails. On the one hand springtails are a found food for dendrobats (arrow poison frogs) and other smaller insectivores. On the other hand, springtails are detritus eaters, which means that they feed on decaying plant remains, excrement and carrion. This makes the springtails an excellent order troop in humid terrarium environments. Springtails are also capable of neutralizing toxins and heavy metals in the soil and springtails also play an important role in humus production.

We supply springtails as a breeding batch, which you can propagate yourself without any problems. Springtails develop particularly well at temperatures around 25°C. The springtails are simply kept in a slightly moist soil and if you want to keep the springtails alive longer, it has proved to be a good idea to feed the small urine insects simply with conventional flake food for ornamental fish. So the feed insects grow and thrive perfectly. To feed, simply place the springtails on the terrarium bottom or apply a light layer of bottom over the feed animals. Your terrarium protégés will take care of the rest.

You will receive a tin of springtails (breeding batch) with 0.5 litres content.

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