Steppe crickets in a can (Gryllus assimilis)

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Popular to keep healthy and perfect: STEPPE CRICKETS IN A CAN! Naturally daily fresh and always at a real savings price.

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  • Kerngesunde Steppengrillen als Futtertiere
  • Artgerecht gefütterte Grillen für Ihre Reptilien
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Steppengrillen - healthy food insects for reptiles in a can

Steppe crickets (Gryllus assimilis) belong to the most popular food animals in terraristics. Steppe crickets are indeed perfectly suited for feeding reptiles as food insects, for which there are good reasons. Compared with other types of crickets, the steppe crickets differ on the one hand in their lower volume. Means: Steppengrillen do not "chirp" as loudly as other types of crickets or house crickets, which makes these food-insects clearly more problem-free in the attitude at home. The wings of steppe crickets only develop in adult steppe crickets. If you want to feed medium-size reptiles sufficiently and healthily, we recommend the steppe crickets of medium size. Don't be fooled by the term "medium": Our middle steppengrillen are to be distinguished hardly from adult feed-animals from the height. In addition to the lower "noise level", steppe crickets as food animals have another advantage over crickets: Steppe crickets are much less bouncy, which makes it easier for many reptiles to overwhelm the food insects and causes less stress. In sum, steppe crickets are optimal food insects for reptiles and also in stock keeping these food animals have proven to be unproblematic. If you usually offer your reptiles crickets as food insects, why not try our steppe crickets! They are a welcome change on the menu of all insectivorous reptiles. Steppe crickets are a proven live food for e.g. chameleons, bearded dragons or smaller iguanas. But also mantids, tarantulas, exotic rodents and many small mammals like to snap at these healthy food insects.

You can rely on the salary of our steppe crickets. Like all food insects that you buy from us, the steppe crickets have also enjoyed exclusively species-appropriate, healthy food and therefore arrive healthy and agile with you. As feed animals, steppe crickets contain many important nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are essential for the natural development of reptiles. In addition, the administration of steppe crickets as food insects promotes the natural agility of your terrarium animals and keeps the hunting instinct awake. Steppe crickets are always fresh and healthy on their way to you! Just try it for yourself. The quality of our feed insects will inspire you.

We can supply you with steppe crickets in various sizes. This allows you to tailor your feed insect needs exactly to the needs of your reptiles:

Steppe crickets large, approx. 20 feeding insects, body length 20-35 mm
Steppe crickets medium, approx. 40 feed insects, body length 15-20 mm
Steppe crickets small, approx. 70 feed insects, body length 5-7 mm
Steppengrillen micro, approx. 120 feeding insects, body length 1-3 mm

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