rose beetle larvae

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A special delicacy among the feed animals: ROSE BEETLE LARVAE! The varied snack for reptiles.

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  • Besonders hoher Anteil an gesundem Protein
  • Große, weiche Futtertiere - leicht zu verdauen
  • Beste Futterinsektenqualität zu Sparpreisen
  • Rosenkäferlarven aus streng kontrollierter Zucht

Rose beetle larvae - the very special food animals for reptiles

Rose beetle larvae are indeed special food insects and are indeed very suitable as a reward or occasional power snack for reptiles. As feed insects, rose beetle larvae are rich in fat and healthy proteins. However, the high fat content of the rose beetle larvae also ensures that these feed insects cannot be recommended as complete feeds. However, where reptiles have a temporary, increased need for protein and fat (e.g. after hibernation or egg deposition), rose beetle larvae can only be recommended. Rose beetle larvae are not only energy-rich but also very easily digestible as feed animals. The missing chitin shell makes the rose beetle larvae very soft and the voluminous body makes the food animals an extra thick bite.

Rose beetles (Cetoniidae) are, by the way, a family of beetles that comprises over 2,000 species. The imposing rose beetles belong here to the subspecies of the Scarabaeoidea. Especially some of the African rose beetles are beautiful animals and many of these rose beetles are also often kept as show insects. The larvae of the rose beetles belong to the grubs, if that's what you wanted to know. With us you receive the Engerlinge of the type Pachnoda, which also originates from Africa. These rose beetle larvae are particularly large and nutritious, making them ideal feed animals. In addition, rose beetle larvae can be kept in stock without any problems, as these feed animals have only low requirements. If you want to store your rose beetle larvae for a longer period of time, you should not store the feed animals at temperatures above 20° C, as this accelerates the development too much. Rose beetle larvae love untreated forage and fruit. The rose beetle larvae are almost obsessed with banana pieces. If you want the feed animals to be vital and well fed over a longer period of time, treat the rose beetle larvae occasionally to this little treat. If you also pay attention to a loose, dry substrate, you will always feed rose beetle larvae to your reptiles from species-appropriate husbandry in the future.

Rose beetle larvae are also very popular with many anglers. This is due to the fact that rose beetle larvae are not only perfect feed insects, but are also suitable as fishing baits. Rose beetle larvae are often used to hunt capital eels and trout - these fish species seem to be particularly attractive to rose beetle larvae on hooks.

Our perfectly fed and vital rose beetle larvae are available in a practical box with 10 feed animals.

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