Mediterranean barbecues (Zweifleckgrillen) in a can

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Real superstars among the feed insects: MEDITERRANEAN BARBECUES IN A CAN! With us at hammer prices and incredibly healthy.

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  • Mittelmeergrillen bei uns immer zum Tiefpreis
  • Futterinsekten mit vielen gesunden Vitaminen und Mineralien
  • Frische Futterinsekten ohne lange Transportwege
  • Mittelmeergrillen aus ständig kontrollierter Zucht

Mediterranean crickets (Zweifleckgrillen) in a can - healthy food insects for the terrarium

Mediterranean crickets (Gryllus bimaculatus) are often referred to as doubt crickets and are among the most popular crickets among food insects for good reason. The Mediterranean grills are at home in the countries and areas around the Mediterranean - the name already gives a hint. Would you like to know why the Mediterranean grills are popular as feed insects? Well, that's easy to answer. Mediterranean grills are among the most robust species of food insects and they are naturally very rich, which makes them particularly attractive as live food for reptiles. In addition, reptiles also love a varied diet - which you should always keep in mind when buying food animals. Mediterranean crickets are the larger relatives of the popular steppe crickets and like them, Mediterranean crickets tolerate cooler temperatures very well, making them uncomplicated food insects. And as food animals they have a lot of lovers: Mediterranean grills are excellently suitable for the nutrition of many reptile species. Chameleons, geckos, small iguanas, for example, love the nutritious Mediterranean crickets, and the hunting instinct of reptiles is positively influenced by the administration of healthy food insects.

But also the "content side" is right with the Mediterranean barbecues: By being bred and fed in an appropriate way, the Mediterranean grills are a rich source of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for the proper development of reptiles. Are you surprised that Mediterranean crickets are often used as feed insects not only for reptiles? I don't think so. Mediterranean barbecues are also extremely valuable for many mantids, exotic rodents or other small mammals. Try this out for yourself when you next order feed animals: Our vital and healthy Mediterranean grills are guaranteed to become an integral part of the menu for your animals. And of course we give you our 100 % freshness guarantee for feed insects free of charge.

We have Mediterranean grills in various sizes on offer to ensure that you get the food insects that are exactly right for your needs. Here you will find the right "format" of these tasty and healthy food animals for each animal.

Mediterranean grills large, approx. 20 food-insects, length 20-25 mm
Mediterranean grills medium, approx. 40 food insects, body length 8-14 mm
Mediterranean grills small, approx. 70 food-insects, length 2-5 mm
Mediterranean grills micro, approx. 100 feeding insects, body length 1-3 mm

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