Locusts: Feed insects in the bulk pack (Locusta migratoria)

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Save cash with our healthy food insects: HIKING LOCUSTS IN LARGE PACKS! Keeping food animals in stock - the alternative for the saver.

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  • Vitale Wanderheuschrecken auf Vorrat halten
  • Auch für große Insektenfresser geeignet
  • Wanderheuschrecken tagesfrisch für Sie verpackt
  • Beste Heuschrecken, nur von geprüften Züchtern

Large packs of migratory locusts - feed animals for convenient stockpiling

Anyone who wants to make real savings on feed insects decides in favour of stockpiling. This also applies to our popular migratory locusts - our feed insects with the extra vitamins and minerals. If you have a particularly high demand for food animals, the large pack of locusts is guaranteed to be the right choice. They receive our migratory locusts loosely in cardboard boxes and then quarter the food insects themselves in a small terrarium or a fauna box. This is easy and you can really save - everything in perfect reptile cosmos feed quality.

What should you know about locusts? Locusts (Locusta migratoria) belong to the giants among the food insects. Only the desert locusts can keep up here and surpass the migratory locusts in its size. Migratory locusts are found all over the world and this is not least due to the fact that this insect species can reproduce particularly quickly. The rapid growth of the migratory locusts also leads to the fact that these food animals are so popular in terraristics. Migratory locusts are ideal for breeding and play an important role as healthy live food for reptiles. No wonder: Most insectivorous reptiles love migratory locusts on their menu. In addition to bearded dragons, water dragons or geckos, which are real locust lovers, chameleons and monitors are also crazy about these healthy live morsels.

Our migratory locusts are guaranteed to be of daily fresh quality - healthy, vital and well nourished. We guarantee this with our good name in the world of terrariums. Our migratory locusts are healthy food insects all around. Feeding your terrarium animals with our migratory locusts promotes the natural development of your reptiles. Our migratory locusts are optimally kept and exclusively reared with healthy nutrients. This is precisely what makes these feed insects so uniquely valuable, because it gives your reptiles important vitamins and minerals and promotes the natural hunting instincts of your protégés.


And you are spoilt for choice with our migratory locusts in the large food insect pack. Our hiking locusts in a package are available in 8 (!) different sizes:

migratory locusts large, approx. 25 feed insects
migratory locusts large, approx. 50 food insects
migratory locusts large, approx. 100 food insects
Migratory locusts subadult, also known as v.d.l.H. (before last moulting), approx. 50 food insects
Migratory locusts subadult, also known as v.d.l.H. (before the last moult), approx. 100 food insects
migratory locusts medium, approx. 50 food insects
migratory locusts medium, approx. 100 feed insects
migratory locusts small, approx. 100 food insects


For your information - the approximate sizes of migratory locusts:

migratory locusts large, body length 45-70 mm
Migratory locusts subadult, body length 25-40 mm
Migratory locusts medium, body length 15-25 mm
Migratory locusts small, body length 7-14 mm

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