Exo Terra waterfall (Waterfall) in stone look

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Popular, proven and suitable for all terrariums: EXO TERRA WATERFALL! Ideal for increasing the humidity in the terrarium and as a clean and healthy drinking opportunity for reptiles.

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  • Unser Qualitäts-Tipp! Dekoratives Highlight für jedes Terrarium
  • Hält das Trinkwasser frisch und stimuliert das Trinkverhalten von Reptilien
  • Tank und Pumpe sind vollständig ummantelt - standfest gegen Umkippen
  • Durch modulare Bauweise einfach zu demontieren und zu reinigen
  • Erhöht gleichzeitig die Luftfreuchtigkeit im Terrarium

Exo Terra Waterfall (Waterfall)

Popular and proven - the Exo Terra waterfall for the terrarium. Here reliable terrarium technology meets absolutely ingenious and particularly decorative design. The Exo Terra waterfall is made of a non-porous, completely non-toxic resin and convinces in the terrarium with its completely natural looking stone design. The Exo Terra waterfall is a real highlight for terrarium decoration, which fits perfectly into every kind of terrarium. But it is not only the appearance that is one of the advantages of the Exo Terra waterfall. With this waterfall you automatically increase the humidity in the terrarium and create many reptiles a popular drinking opportunity. You must not forget that there are reptiles that do not perceive standing water as such and therefore do not absorb any liquid - chameleons are a good example here. In addition, the Exo Terra Waterfall as a drinking option offers the huge advantage that germ formation is reduced because the water is constantly in motion - an important factor for healthy drinking water in the terrarium.

With the Exo Terra waterfall everything was thought of that is important for the daily, trouble-free operation in the terrarium. The Exo Terra Waterfall's high weight ensures that it stands securely in the terrarium and is difficult for reptiles to move or knock over. In addition, the Exo Terra waterfall is particularly safe for your terrarium animals, as both the water tank and the pump are housed inaccessible to reptiles and amphibians. The Exo Terra waterfall is also exemplary when it comes to cleaning. Due to the modular construction, the waterfall can be easily dismantled and cleaned - a real work facilitation in terrarium hygiene. It can be set up at any location, because it has an independent water circuit thanks to the built-in Repti Flo 200 mini terrarium pump (of course included in the scope of delivery). The powerful terrarium pump is quiet and ensures safe operation in the terrarium. The Exo Terra waterfall's walls of the collection tank are particularly rough - so terrarium animals can easily climb out of the tank and there is no danger of drowning. As an additional protection for smaller chameleons or frogs, you can easily place small stones or gravel in the waterfall collection basin. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the water in the terrarium in the long run, you should regularly clean the water basin thoroughly - so no organic waste can reduce the water quality. It has also proved successful to treat the water with the Exo Terra Calcium Drinking Water Conditioner, which effectively binds chlorine and heavy metals in the reptiles' drinking water.

In addition to all the useful and reptile-friendly features, the Exo Terra Waterfall is also always a tailor-made solution, because we offer this fantastic piece of terrarium technology in three different sizes, exactly adapted to the space conditions in your terrarium:

Exo Terra waterfall, small: 16 cm x 20 cm x 17 cm
Exo Terra waterfall, medium: 19 cm x 21,5 cm x 18,5 cm
Exo Terra waterfall, large: 25,5 cm x 27 cm x 27 cm

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