Exo Terra Reptile Dome

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The extra-deep reflector lamp made of aluminium: EXO TERRA REPTILE DOME! For a significantly better yield of light, heat and UV radiation.

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  • High-End Reflektor in perfekter Optik
  • Passt für alle Arten von Terrarienlampen bis 160 Watt
  • Erhöht die Ausbeute an Licht und UV Strahlung um bis zu 100%
  • Mit variabler Universalhalterung für alle Anwendungen
  • Komplett: Inklusive Keramikfassung, 180 cm Netzzuleitung und Schalter

Exo Terra Reptile Dome - the ingenious, extra-deep reflector lamp made of aluminium

With the high-quality Exo Terra Reptile Dome, we offer you an especially deep reflector lamp made of aluminium, with which you can completely frame almost any terrarium lamp. The advantage: The reflector lamp ensures that no light and no UV radiation is lost. Both are reflected and land exactly where you want them to be in the terrarium. The Exo Terra Reptile Dome's extremely flexible mount is the perfect base for this.

Clearly, Exo Terra Reptile Dome has an extremely robust and heat-resistant ceramic lampholder, which you can equip with both compact terrarium lamps (energy-saving lamps) and conventional incandescent lamps. Even powerful terrarium lamps with up to 160 watts output are no problem for the Exo Terra Reptile Dome reflector lamp. A mains cable with a length of 180 cm makes installation in the terrarium particularly easy and flexible. The Exo Terra Reptile Dome reflector lamp also has an integrated on/off switch - there is no need to pull out the mains plug. By the way: You can combine several holders with different terrarium lamps to create an individual and optimal lighting system for your terrarium.

The incredibly versatile Exo Terra Reptile Dome can be combined with a variety of terrarium lamps, provided they have a standard E27 screw thread. This includes almost all terrarium lamps and UV floodlights available on the market - not only from Exo Terra, of course, but also from other manufacturers such as Hobby, Zoo Med, etc..

Exo Terra Reptile Dome is available in two different sizes:

Exo Terra Reptile Dome medium, diameter 152 mm, height 127 mm, up to 75 Watt
Exo Terra Reptile Dome large, diameter 210 mm, height 178 mm, up to 160 Watt

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