Exo Terra Mealworms (mealworms)

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The classic among feed insects: EXO TERRA MEALWORMS! Delicious and especially digestible mealworms for reptiles.

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  • Fast alle insektenfressenden Reptilien lieben Mehlwürmer
  • Besonders reich an hochwertigem Eiweiß
  • Nicht nur Reptilien, auch Vögel und viele Kleinsäuger können mit Mehlwürmern gefüttert werden
  • Besonders gut verdaubar

Exo Terra Mealworms - real mealworms

Mealworms are classics in reptile feed and the same applies to Exo Terra Mealworms. Nearly all insectivores among the reptiles, but also birds or exotic mammals greedily eat the Exo Terra Mealworms. What is so special about Exo Terra mealworms? Well, they are first of all especially long-lasting food insects from the can. This is practical and comfortable at the same time. You only need to keep one or two cans of Exo Terra Mealworms in stock at all times and have guaranteed the feeding of your reptiles even in emergency situations. For example, if you have to travel for a few days or the ordered live food insects are all eaten up again.

But the Exo Terra Mealworms can do much more. From a nutritional-physiological point of view, they are even a fully-fledged substitute for live mealworms. Thanks to Exo Terra's gentle cooking process, the mealworms retain their full flavour, all nutrients, vitamins and minerals 100%. And all this even without the addition of preservatives, aromas or other things that you are looking for in the Exo Terra Mealworms in vain. In one respect, Exo Terra mealworms are even better than live feed insects. The special cooking process softens the chitin armour and makes it easier for reptiles to digest. Above all, however, the collagen of the feed insects is broken down and can thus be absorbed by the body of the reptiles in larger quantities. Collagen is particularly important in all reptiles for healthy skin, bones and claws. Exo Terra Mealworms are not only as good as live mealworms, they are even a bit better for your reptiles - typically Exo Terra.

Exo Terra Mealworms (mealworms) are available from us in a resealable tin with a content of 34 grams.

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