Exo Terra Light Dome reflector lamp

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High-quality UV reflector lamp for terrariums: EXO TERRA LIGHT DOME! Particularly deep and reflective - increases UV performance in the terrarium by up to 100%.

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  • Bis zu 100% mehr Licht- und UV Leistung von Terrarienleuchtmitteln - mit E27 Keramikfassung
  • Viel Leistung bei maximaler Platzersparnis
  • Ein/Aus-Schalter, großzügige 180 cm Netzkabel
  • Ganz schnell und unkompliziert am Terrarium anzubringen
  • 2 Größen: Für Terrarienlampen bis 75 bzw. 150 Watt

Exo Terra Light Dome - Reflector lamp for terrarium lamps

The ideal reflector lamp solution for terrariums is called Exo Terra Light Dome. There's a good reason for that. In terms of light output, among other things. With the Exo Terra Light Dome you can achieve up to 100% more light and UV output in the terrarium. This high performance increase is made possible by the special reflector of the Exo Terra Light Dome. The particularly deep and highly reflective construction ensures a much higher yield here - and that pays off with the terrarium lighting of course. Despite all its technical advantages, the Exo Terra Light Dome does not neglect the optical side either - the reflector lamp looks damn good and is very well manufactured. A practical on/off switch, generous 180 cm mains cable and a particularly simple suspension round off the complete package of this terrarium reflector lamp. An ideal addition to the Exo Terra Light Dome is the Exo Terra Light Bracket lamp stand. This gives Exo Terra Light Dome a perfect hold and makes it easy to adjust it just right.

The Exo Terra Light Dome is very flexible when it comes to choosing the right light source. The smaller version can be operated with all incandescent lamps and compact lamps up to 75 watts - the larger version can be used with terrarium lamps up to 150 watts. The Light Dome is equipped with a standard E27 screw socket, in this case of course it is a durable ceramic socket.

The Exo Terra Light Dome is available in 2 sizes:

- Exo Terra Light Dome, 14 cm diameter, 19 cm height: For terrarium lamps up to 75 Watt
- Exo Terra Light Dome, 18 cm diameter, 21 cm height: For terrarium lamps up to 150 Watt

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