Exo Terra Light Bracket Lamp Stand

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Practical and safe: EXO TERRA LIGHT BRACKET! Extends the life of terrarium lamps, prevents damage to the terrarium.

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  • Selbstklebende Lampenhalterung für alle Fassungen und Reflektoren
  • Einfach Reflektor und/oder Fassung anhängen - fertig
  • Problemlos in der Höhe bis 48 cm verstellbar - passend für Ihr Terrarium
  • Geeignet für alle Reflektoren und Keramikfassungen zum Hängen

Exo Terra Light Bracket - the ideal lamp stand for Exo Terra Light Dome/Exo Terra Wire Light and other lampshades

With this ingeniously thought-out lamp holder you can significantly increase the safety of external terrarium lighting. Exo Terra Light Bracket eliminates the weak points of conventional clamp lamps, which are often used as lamp holders in terrariums. No moving, no tilting - your lampshade now sits bombproof on the terrarium. The installation of the Exo Terra Light Bracket is child's play and takes only minutes. No drilling, no screwing! Simply attach the adhesive fastener directly to the terrarium glass - guaranteed bomb-proof. Exo Terra Light Bracket also works perfectly when it comes to height adjustment. With the help of a robust rubber disk, you can set the required height for each lamp holder - giving your reptiles exactly the right intensity of heat and light. And don't forget: The Exo Terra Light Bracket increases the service life of terrarium lamps in practice. The precisely adjustable position improves ventilation and thus lowers the operating temperature of terrarium lamps - moreover, the lamp holder no longer has to be moved and can no longer tip over. A nice detail of the Exo Terra Light Bracket: Practical cable clamps ensure that the power cable can be securely fixed. This also looks very neat and free dangling supply lines at the terrarium are a thing of the past.

The Exo Terra Light Bracket is a jack-of-all-trades and works alongside the Exo Terra Light Dome or Exo Terra Wire Light with all the matching lampshades for terrarium lamps, whether Lucky Reptile, Zoo Med and more. Exo Terra Light Bracket is particularly suitable for turtle basins - there is often the problem that there is hardly any way to securely mount terrarium lamps. With Exo Terra Light Bracket, it's all done in no time at all and in the long run. The supplied (German) instruction manual is obvious at first glance and even technical laymen have assembled Exo Terra Light Bracket in no time at all. It really couldn't be easier. Exo Terra Light Bracket has a total length of 48 cm, is solidly crafted and well equipped for daily use at the terrarium. A great terrarium product, which refines every terrarium clamp lamp.

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