Exo Terra Heat Mat - substrate heater

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  • Manufacturer: Exo Terra
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The top heating element for glass terrariums: EXO TERRA HEAT MAT! High-quality terrarium substrate heating for optimum heat distribution. Easy to mount.

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  • Self-adhesive - can be mounted below or to the side of the terrarium
  • Very good thermal conductivity, ideal for reptiles, amphibians and terrarium plants
  • Supports heat regulation of terrarium animals
  • Includes 4 self-adhesive spacers
  • Available in four different sizes

Exo Terra Heat Mat - reliable and easy to install terrarium substrate heater

Reptiles and amphibians are cold-blooded and in their natural habitat they often use surfaces heated by the sun to increase their body temperature. This is exactly the effect you can perfectly imitate with an Exo Terra Heat Mat to create improved keeping conditions for your terrarium animals. You can use the Exo Terra Heat Mat as the sole heat source for species that require less heat or as an additional second heater for reptiles that require more heat. Exo Terra Heat Mat substrate heating is also recommended for species from desert areas, as a gentle, nocturnal heat source.

The Exo Terra Heat Mat can remain permanently attached to the terrarium - an appropriate adhesive binding ensures a firm hold and optimum heat transfer at all times. The Exo Terra Heat Mat is designed exclusively for outdoor installation, which of course can also be done from the side. Attention: An Exo Terra Heat Mat Substrate Heater is waterproof, but not completely impermeable to water! And also important: If you have a terrarium without a bottom frame (flat glass bottom), you MUST always use the supplied spacers when mounting the terrarium to the bottom, otherwise the glass could crack due to heat accumulation. The spacers are simply glued under the corners of the terrarium. For an Exo Terra terrarium or another terrarium with bottom frame, the spacers are not necessary. You can of course use your Exo Terra Heat Mat together with a thermostat for temperature control and/or together with additional heating elements - depending on the needs of the terrarium animals you keep.

You receive your Exo Terra Heat Mat Substrate Heater in 4 different sizes. Simply select the version that suits your terrarium size from the dropdown menu:

  • Exo Terra Heat Mat x-small, 4 watts, 4 cm x 12.5 cm
  • Exo Terra Heat Mat small, 8 watts, 20 cm x 20 cm
  • Exo Terra Heat Mat medium, 16 watts, 26,5 cm x 28 cm
  • Exo Terra Heat Mat large, 25 watts, 27,9 cm x 43,2 cm
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