Exo Terra Dripper Plant

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Ideal for supplying drinking water to tree-dwelling reptiles: EXO TERRA DRIPPER PLANT! Beautiful, realistic design - including pump.

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  • Wunderschöne, weiche Blätter in Naturoptik
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Exo Terra Dripper Plant - artificial terrarium plant with ingeniously practical dripping device

Who holds tree-living in reptiles, who originate from tropical rainforest areas, knows the problem: These terrarium animals frequently do not consume standing water, whereby the danger of a dehydration always threatens. Conventional drip troughs are not always an alternative, since these drip troughs often do not match the terrarium visually. An ingenious and very decorative solution is the Exo Terra Dripper Plant, which with its voluminous, soft leaves comes very close to real plants from the rainforest. Here we worked with a lot of attention to detail.

The Exo Terra Dripper Plant is absolutely ideal for daily use in the terrarium and it also takes a lot of work off your hands, because the water pump included with the Dripper Plant makes everything magic. The dripping speed of the Exo Terra Dripper Plant is of course fully adjustable - just turn the dripping valve. Ideally, position the water container in which the water pump is located so that the drops running down can be collected immediately in the water container. This results in a practical water circulation in the terrarium in the simplest way and there is no contamination by splash water.

The entire installation of the Exo Terra Dripper Plant is child's play and can be done in a few easy steps: Place the water pump in a suitable container and connect the water pipe to the drip plant. Then place the drip plant in a suitable place in the terrarium (above the water container so that nothing can overflow), attach the water pipe to the pump and connect the pump to the mains via a mains cable. That's it! From now on chameleons and other tree-living in reptiles or amphibians enjoy the conditions we have in the tropical rainforest. Your terrarium animals will take up plenty of drinking water and can develop in a healthy and species-appropriate way.

You can get your Exo Terra Dripper Plant from us in two different sizes:

Exo Terra Dripper Plant S, height 36 cm, 2 sheets
Exo Terra Dripper Plant L, height 51 cm, 3 sheets

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