Exo Terra Desert Sand

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For incredibly realistic desert optics in the terrarium: EXO TERRA DESERT SAND! Direct from nature - without any additives.

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  • Frei von Farbstoffen und anderen Zusätzen
  • Speichert und leitet Wärme für ein besseres Mikroklima
  • In drei verschiedenen Naturfarben erhältlich
  • Absolut gleichmäßige Körnung

Exo Terra Desert Sand - 100 % natural substrate

Hard to believe, but our Exo Terra Desert Sand actually comes directly from the desert into the terrarium! No additives are added on the way to your reptiles, so Exo Terra Desert Sand is completely free of dyes and other chemicals. The three colours in which you can order the substrate are all natural colours from different locations. Of course, when you think of "desert" you immediately have to think of heat, and this association is not so wrong: Exo Terra Desert Sand is an excellent heat conductor. When heating elements such as the Exo Terra Heat Wave Desert substrate heater are used, a healthy microclimate is created that encourages reptiles to dig and dig naturally. The warm sand corresponds to heated sand beds, as they can also be found in the desert. This makes the Exo Terra Desert Sand an ideal substrate for monitors, agamas (for example bearded dragons or thorntail dragons) and all other desert dwellers. You will receive a productive 4.5 kilograms and can choose between the colors red, curry/ochre or black. To create a perfect terrarium, combine several colours as shown in the photo.

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