Exo Terra Cricket Pen - Faunabox for live insects incl. donor tube

The most ingenious invention since feed insects have existed: EXO TERRA CRICKET PEN! High-quality Faunabox for insect keeping - including incredibly practical dispenser tubes

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Item number RK1056A

Exo Terra Cricket Pen - the ingenious feeding and housing system for crickets and house crickets

Sometimes there are products that deliver much more than they promise. Exo Terra Cricket Pen is definitely one of them, because the name of this ingenious system for food insects is actually misleading. With the Exo Terra Cricket Pen you don't just get a practical insect dispenser, but everything you need to keep, feed and feed crickets and crickets - Exo Terra Cricket Pen is in fact an egg-laying wool milk sow for the terrarium and once you've used it, you'll never want to do without Exo Terra Cricket Pen again, that's a fact. The Exo Terra Cricket Pen contains everything you would expect from a sophisticated feeding system - simple operation, perfect equipment, good workmanship and uncomplicated cleaning.

How exactly does the Exo Terra Cricket Pen work? Simple, actually. The basic unit of the Exo Terra Cricket Pen is a well crafted and easy-to-handle Faunabox that serves as a habitat for crickets or crickets. This Faunabox on the Exo Terra Cricket Pen is equipped with a safe lid that immediately blocks escape attempts by food insects. At the same time, the lid of the Faunabox ensures good ventilation and thus a pleasant climate for your feed insects. The lid of the Faunabox is of course removable. And now comes trick number 1: The cricket container (the Faunabox) has cut-outs into which the supplied dispenser tubes can simply be pushed - of course the insect container remains hermetically sealed afterwards. These feed insect dispensers are nothing more than hollow tubes, which have an irresistible attraction to crickets and crickets - because: Many insects love the rumor in the dark. Means: In practice, the Exo Terra Cricket Pen feed insect dispensers will always be well attended and full! If you now want to feed your terrarium animals with the food animals, simply pull a tube out of the Faunabox. No, don't worry - the resulting hole is secured by a flexible flap that immediately closes the cricket container securely again! You see: The Exo Terra Cricket Pen definitely has everything in mind. Now off with the tube to the terrarium! To avoid crickets or crickets escaping at the last second: Simply hold your thumb to the exit of the tube and finally give the food insects in the desired number into the terrarium. All you have to do is tap the cricket dispenser with your fingers. So simple - so ingenious!

But that's not all, because the Exo Terra Cricket Pen solves an old problem that many owners of insectivorous reptiles know from painful experience. The supply of feed insects with drinking water can quickly develop into a permanent drama. Many insect species show true contempt for death when it comes to drinking. Result: Water corpses instead of vital food insects! Of course, an Aquagel makes sure that it doesn't get that far in the first place, but: Aquagel costs extra and the application can be a muddy, time-consuming affair. With the Exo Terra Cricket Pen you can forget this - no need for aquariums, food insects are still safe. Exo Terra Cricket Pen comes with a special sponge (foam insert) that fits exactly into the supplied water and food bowl. So: Simply pour water into the bowl - the foam insert holds everything in place and your crickets or house crickets can quench their thirst without running into any danger, because your food insects almost always have solid ground under their feet. Simple, effective, totally ingenious. The foam insert for Exo Terra Cricket Pen is also available separately if the supplied foam insert is too dirty or damaged. Alternatively, the bowl without the sponge serves as a feeding bowl. A nice detail: small steps lead the feeding insects comfortably to the edge of the bowl.

And what about hygiene? No need to worry about the Exo Terra Cricket Pen either. Simply clean the Faunabox regularly under running water - the smooth surface makes this immensely easier. Before doing so, carefully remove all deposits and legacy of the occupants. Please do not use cleaning agents - the residues are readily absorbed by crickets and house crickets and end up in the organism of your terrarium keepers. So rinse warm, dry, done!

Exo Terra Cricket Pen is available in two different sizes:

- Exo Terra Cricket Pen (small): 18 cm x 14 cm x 11 cm (W/D/H) with two food insect dispensers, two bowls and a sponge for watering
- Exo Terra Cricket Pen (large): 30 cm x 20.5 cm x 19.5 cm (W/D/H) with four feeding insect dispensers, two bowls and a sponge for watering.

For orientation:

The large version of the Exo Terra Cricket Pen easily accommodates about 50 adult crickets, so that the food insects can be kept stress-free. This corresponds to approx. 100 subadult or 250 micro-grooves. Simply test in practice how the space conditions are best for the food insects you keep.

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