Exo Terra Breeding Box Faunarium

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Simple, indestructible and ingenious: EXO TERRA BREEDING BOX! The flexible Faunabox as a universal helper in terraristics.

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  • Praxiserprobtes Faunarium für Reptilien und Insekten
  • Für den Transport von Reptilien perfekt geeignet
  • Stapelbare Faunaboxen mit dauerhaft guter Belüftung
  • Integrierte Futterluke zum schnellen und stressfreien Füttern
  • In verschiedenen Größen erhältlich

Exo Terra Breeding Box Faunarium - the professional Faunabox with best workmanship

Strictly speaking, nothing works in terraristics without faunariums (Faunaboxen)! Faunariums (Faunaboxes) are the small practical helpers, which take over various tasks in the terrarium area. Faunariums (Faunaboxes) are flexible and the stable Exo Terra Breeding Box can be used in many ways. Because: These Faunarien (Faunaboxen) are exactly designed up to the smallest detail on the requirements of Terrarianern. Whether reptiles, tarantulas, scorpions or amphibians - with the Exo Terra Breeding Box you are well equipped. Professionals in terraristics like to use the Exo Terra Breeding Box as a breeding container or in so-called "racks" - i.e. shelving systems in which several faunaria (fauna boxes) are stored next to and on top of each other. This is one of the strengths of the Exo Terra Breeding Box. It is stackable and the intelligent construction does not cover the vital ventilation slits of the faunas (Faunaboxes).

But that's not all these faunaries (Faunaboxes) can be used for. The Exo Terra Breeding Box is a true all-rounder and its robust workmanship means it can withstand all stresses and strains. With the Faunabox, food insects can be conveniently transported and stored permanently. Practical detail: The feed hatch makes feeding easy and stress-free for the animals. The Faunabox is also very suitable as a "quarantine container" or for transporting terrarium animals to the vet. Stackability and good ventilation make the faunaria (Faunaboxes) ideal breeding containers. By the way, the Exo Terra Breeding Box is popular at terrarium fairs. With these space-saving Faunaboxes terrarium animals can be easily and safely transported and presented.

Faunaria (Faunaboxes) are predestined for daily practice. The Exo Terra Breeding Box is made of sturdy plastic and is easy and quick to clean. The Exo Terra Breeding Box material is crystal clear so you always have a clear view of the faunarium. If you decide to purchase a Faunabox, the Exo Terra Breeding Box is definitely recommended. You can get these practical helpers for terraristics from us in 3 different sizes.

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