Desert locusts: Feed insects in the bulk pack (Schistocerca gregaria)

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Perfectly nourished feed insects for storage: DESERT LOCUSTS IN LARGE PACKS! Healthy, affordable, brilliant.

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Desert locusts: Feed insects in the bulk pack

Those who keep many insectivorous reptiles often have a high demand for food insects. Our feed animals in bulk packs are the perfect solution for this. Our large packs of desert locusts provide you with an abundant supply of food insects and save a lot of money in the process. In order to keep your desert locusts fresh and vital at all times, we recommend that you place the food insects in a faunarium (Faunabox) or a small terrarium. So they are optimally equipped for the attitude of bigger quantities of feed-animals.

Why are desert locusts (Schistocerca gregaria) so popular as food insects in terrariums? Desert locusts make little demands on accommodation and care - this makes desert locusts the perfect food insects for longer storage periods. Desert locusts can and should be kept in a separate terrarium with a heat lamp if you want to keep them for a longer period of time. In addition, desert locusts are the first choice for anyone who cares for insectivorous reptiles of a certain size or larger in their terrarium. Whether monitor lizards, chameleons or adult bearded dragons: Desert locusts are gladly taken and eaten with appetite. This has its reason, because the middle and subadult desert locusts show an intensive colouring, which glows strongly. Adult desert locusts gradually lose this coloration. The colour of desert locusts strongly stimulates the hunting instinct of reptiles.

Our high-quality and extremely healthy feed animals are of course perfectly fed and kept. This also applies to our popular desert locusts. With us you receive exclusively 100 % vital desert locusts. These feed animals are rich in minerals and vitamins and therefore a real healthy food for reptiles! Of course you will always receive desert locusts fresh from the day. For a healthy diet we recommend our wheat bran for feed insects. In addition, you still give the feed animals a little green fodder, which of course should be untreated. So your food insects are well looked after and well nourished, because only healthy desert locusts are really good food insects for reptiles.

For the storage of desert locusts we offer our feed insects in large packs in 8 different sizes. So you will find exactly the amount of food animals you need for your reptiles:

Desert locusts large, approx. 25 feed insects
Desert locusts large, approx. 50 food insects
Desert locusts large, approx. 100 food insects
Desert locusts subadult, also known as v.d.l.H. (before the last moult), approx. 50 food insects
Desert locusts subadult, also known as v.d.l.H. (before the last moult), approx. 100 food insects
Desert locusts medium, approx. 50 food insects
Desert locusts medium, approx. 100 feed insects
Desert locusts small, approx. 100 food insects


For your information - the approximate sizes of desert locusts:

desert locusts large, body length approx. 65-75 mm
Desert locusts subadult, body length approx. 45-60 mm
Desert locusts medium, body length 30-40 mm
Desert locusts small, body length about 10 mm

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