Dendrobena (red worm) (Eisenia hortensis)

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Healthy and rich in nutrients: DENDROBENA! Fresh red worms as high-quality live food for terrarium animals.

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  • Gesundes, nährstoffreiches Lebendfutter
  • Vitale, bestens ernährte Rotwürmer
  • Dendros bei uns zum Sparpreis bestellen
  • Aus kontrollierter, ökologischer Zucht

Dendrobena - Living red worms as ideal nutrient suppliers

What do we know about earthworms? Most people will be amazed that there are over 3,000 species of them worldwide. One of the native earthworm species is the dendrobena or as it is zoologically correctly called: dendrobena veneta - also known as red worm or giant red worm. Terrarians and fishing enthusiasts are probably familiar with the red worm under the abbreviation Dendro. Why Dendrobena became known as red worms can be seen at first glance: Dendros have a reddish colour. Optically they are to be distinguished very easily from the Tauwürmern through it and through the clearly shorter length. Like all earthworms the Dendrobena are also unusual creatures, the Dendros have 6 kidneys, 5 hearts, but no lungs. Dendrobena actually breathe through the skin and they never sleep. Dendros do not tolerate bright light, which is why they mostly live underground. Dendros become cold stiff when temperatures drop too low. The earthworms can survive for months in this condition.

The red worms are desired as food-animals with many terrarium-animals. Turtles, newts, some snake species, skinks and salamanders, for example, appreciate this healthy treat very much. Dendros are also frequently used as rearing food for young animals. Dendrobena are also a very popular live food in bird breeding. Not least of all: Red worms are the first choice as fishing lures for many anglers. There's a good reason for that: Dendros survive relatively long under water and remain mobile. Smaller red worm specimens are used to catch whitefish, while larger dendros reliably attract eels and perches, which are clearly attracted by the sweet secretion that the dendrobena give off. Dendrobena veneta reach a maximum body length of 10 cm. All Dendrobena you receive from us have been fed in a species-appropriate way - without the use of chemical additives.

Red worms can also be kept well over a longer period of time. But always be careful when using dendros as far as the container is concerned. Dendrobena are very nimble and should only be stored in containers with a tightly closed lid, with sufficient air holes. Keep the dendros in a dark place and do not expose the red worms to direct sunlight. At temperatures above 15°C Dendrobena are very active and multiply rapidly. The best temperature for a longer posture is between 6 and 8°C - here the dendros quickly lose activity.

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