Crickets at a special price - feed animals/large package (Acheta domesticus)

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For the very big insect hunger: HOME IN A BIG PACKAGE! Feed reptiles perfectly and save a lot of money.

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  • Heimchen in der Großpackung - besonders günstig
  • Bestens ernährte Heimchen - für gesunde Reptilien
  • Unsere Heimchen werden garantiert frisch für Sie verpackt
  • Aus professioneller und nachhaltiger Zucht

Heimchen/Sparpackung - our popular large house cricket package

If you have a particularly high demand for crickets, you will appreciate our ingeniously inexpensive bulk packs. Here you can save a lot of money when buying feed insects! With this feed insect super offer you get your crickets loose in a box. Then simply place the food animals in a small terrarium or a suitable Faunabox. So you can keep your own supply of healthy food insects. If you want your house crickets to stay vital over a longer period of time, use a terrarium lamp and suitable insect food. Your reptiles always get a high-quality, vital food snack!

Why are house crickets among the most popular food insects? Crickets are so common in terraristics as feed animals because their keeping is particularly simple. This is due to the fact that crickets are also widespread in Europe and have few requirements. Crickets can be perfectly stored even at lower temperatures and are easy to feed. House crickets are a proven live food and they awaken the natural bag instincts of many reptiles. Because we offer crickets in different sizes, these food insects are real all-rounders. Whether you want to raise young reptiles in a healthy way or feed smaller reptiles (e.g. geckos) properly: Crickets are a perfect food source. Our crickets are kept and nourished in a species-appropriate manner - which has a positive effect on their nutritional value. The feed insects are rich in vitamins and minerals, which directly benefits your terrarium animals and promotes natural development! House crickets (Acheta domesticus) are a real fountain of health in terms of nutrition. House crickets play an important role as food insects not only in terraristics. Bird breeders, for example, swear by the nutritional value of crickets when it comes to raising young birds.

Especially practical: You will receive our guaranteed daily fresh and vital crickets in different sizes. So you can select exactly the right "format" of the feed animals that you need for your purposes. And your reptile cosmos guarantees that you always receive our feed animals in consistent top quality and at real savings prices. Healthy live food for reptiles - permanently inexpensive and always super fresh.

You have the choice with our crickets in large packs. Simply choose the right size and quantity of food insects. Buy crickets and save real money at the same time:

cricket large, approx. 500 food insects, body length 20-25 mm
cricket large, approx. 1000 food insects, body length 20-25 mm
cricket medium, approx. 500 food insects, body length 6-10 mm
cricket medium, approx. 1000 food insects, body length 6-10 mm
cricket small, approx. 1000 food insects, body length 2-5 mm

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