Canned crickets - healthy food insects (Acheta domesticus)

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Healthy ingenious food for reptiles: HOME IN A CAN! For perfectly fed reptiles!

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  • Das Top-Lebendfutter für viele Reptilienarten
  • Garantiert tagesfrische Futterinsekten in Spitzenqualität
  • Reich an Vitaminen und wichtigen Mineralstoffen
  • Heimchen aus professioneller, nachhaltiger Zucht

Boxed crickets - healthy food insects for reptiles

Crickets are among the most popular food insects - not only for reptiles, but in terraristics crickets are particularly common as food animals. What's the matter with you? Quite simple: crickets are ideal live snacks, stimulate the natural hunting instinct of reptiles and are also suitable for smaller reptiles that would have problems capturing large locusts. In addition, house crickets are an excellent source of natural nutrients as food insects. Our crickets are fed in a species-appropriate and healthy way, which makes the food insects particularly valuable as reptile food. Our crickets are therefore highly recommended - they contain many important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Thus these feed insects benefit the healthy development of reptiles. House crickets (we offer crickets of the particularly robust species Acheta domesticus) have a further advantage over grasshoppers: Because these food insects are native to our latitudes, the storage of house crickets is no problem. Crickets also tolerate lower temperatures very well and belong to the undemanding food animals.

Our popular crickets are real all-rounders as food animals! Smaller crickets are ideal for rearing young reptiles or as live food for smaller reptile species. But it is not only for the healthy development of reptiles that crickets play a role as feed animals. Young birds, for example, are often reared with crickets of a suitable size - experienced bird breeders appreciate the valuable nutrients of crickets. Also among our reptiles there are real house cricket lovers. Geckos or chameleons eat crickets particularly greedily, making crickets the perfect food insects for many species. Since you can get our crickets in different sizes, you are guaranteed to find the ideal food animal for your needs.

Of course you will always receive our crickets fresh from the day! The reptile cosmos guarantees the natural and species-appropriate rearing of all feed animals. Quality you can see and taste. No matter which size and quantity you choose for our crickets: Quality and prices of our popular feed animals will inspire you guaranteed!

And here is a short overview of the different sizes and quantities of our crickets. We wish you and your reptiles a good appetite with our feed insects:

cricket large, approx. 40 food insects, body length 20-25 mm
cricket medium, approx. 60 feeding insects, body length 6-10 mm
cricket small, approx. 120 food insects, body length 2-5 mm
cricket micro, approx. 180 feeding insects, body length 1-3 mm - here can also be sent due to the robustness of short wing grills micro

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