Argentine cockroaches in large packs (Blaptica dubia)

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Ingenious low prices: ARGENTINIAN COCKROACHES IN A BIG PACK! Healthily nourished treats for insectivores.

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  • Für den höheren Bedarf an gesunden Futterinsekten und zur Vorratshaltung
  • Argentinische Schaben - gesundes Reptilienfutter zum Tiefpreis
  • Hochwertige Futtertiere aus kontrollierter Zucht
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Argentine cockroaches - for the higher need of feed animals in the low-priced large pack of feed insects

Cockroaches have a bad reputation. Cockroaches are considered to be pests and some people lose their appetite when only the term "cockroach", "cockroach" or "cockroach" is mentioned. Of course this is understandable and only a few of us will spontaneously remember that some cockroach species provide very good food for reptiles. If you want to be fair, you should also look at cockroaches from the other side - then they turn out to be fascinating creatures. Cockroaches have lived on earth for 200 million years and they are true survivors who can adapt to the most extreme conditions. Cockroaches only became pests in their role as followers of culture. Where man and garbage spread, the cockroaches were not far away. While the cockroach itself is neither toxic nor dangerous, this does not apply to the contents of goitre and faeces. Various pathogens gather here, which are anything but harmless for humans. But: cockroach is by no means equal cockroach! And we would not recommend every cockroach species as food insects for reptiles. The Argentine cockroaches, which we offer you here, are even excellently suitable as feed animals!

The Argentine cockroach is an all-round healthy feeding insect that is perfectly suited for feeding larger reptiles. The Argentine cockroach is rich in valuable proteins, high in calcium and many other nutrients that contribute to the healthy development of reptiles. The fat content of these large food animals (Argentine cockroaches can become up to 6 cm long!) is exemplary low. What speaks for the Argentine cockroaches as feed animals is the fact that this cockroach species does not come from our latitudes. Argentine cockroaches live in the warm and humid forests of South America and cannot reproduce or survive outside this climate zone. Argentine cockroaches do not lay eggs - another advantage - as they do not survive long enough to give birth in this country. Besides: Argentine cockroaches are quite bad climbers, which makes the escape of the feed animals from normal storage containers at least strongly more difficult.

Many larger reptiles love cockroaches as food insects! Cockroaches seem to have a particularly attractive taste for reptiles. The Argentine cockroaches are very suitable as live food e.g. for adult bearded dragons or monitor lizards. If you have a higher need for these healthy food insects, we offer Argentine cockroaches in large packs. Simply take care of the housing of the feed insects yourself and save money.

Our large box of food insects is well filled - there are always at least 100 cockroaches in a large food pack. You can choose between two sizes of Argentine cockroaches, depending on the size of the reptiles to be fed.

Argentine cockroaches big, body length of the feed-animals approx. 4-5 cm
Argentine cockroaches medium, body length of the feed-animals approx. 2-3 cm

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