Exo Terra Nano Terrarium

So small and so ingenious: EXO TERRA NANO TERRARIUM! The perfect small terrarium for tarantulas and insects.

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Exo Terra Nano Terrarium - top-quality small terrarium for tarantulas or exotic insects

The Exo Terra Nano Terrarium shows once again that small can be really big! In the typical Exo Terra quality you get a small functional miracle among the small terrariums - the Exo Terra Nano Terrarium will convince you with its wealth of practical details. This starts with the two front opening doors (the terrarium doors can also be opened separately), which give you easy access to the Exo Terra Nano terrarium. And to ensure that everything that should remain in the terrarium remains there, the terrarium doors have been equipped with a special lock - so the Exo Terra Nano Terrarium is always 100% break-out-proof. At the same time, the front doors serve for optimal air circulation in the terrarium by means of the built-in ventilation slots - the rest in terms of "perfect ventilation" is taken care of by the top made of close-meshed stainless steel mesh.

Terrarium animals simply feel comfortable here, because vital UV radiation or heat radiation can fall deep into the terrarium through the metal mesh. And if you want to clean the Exo Terra Nano Terrarium, simply take off the top of the terrarium with one hand. And not only terrarium animals will be happy with the Exo Terra Nano Terrarium, the terrarium keeper will also have an easy time with this great small terrarium: Lockable cable ducts on both sides of the terrarium make the terrarium experience considerably easier if you want to install heat stones, nebulisers and other terrarium technology - all cables can be laid cleanly and quickly and the optics always looks perfectly tidy. The practical recesses on the back wall of the Exo Terra Nano Terrarium help you to lay cables optimally. Would you like to install a substrate heater? Nothing easier than that! The floor of the Exo Terra Nano Terrarium is raised so that you can easily accommodate heating elements.

But that's not all. The particularly high doors quickly turn out to be a real blessing when it comes to creating a high substrate layer in the terrarium or using the Exo Terra Nano Terrarium as a paludarium - i.e. creating a watering place in the terrarium. No problem with the Exo Terra Nano Terrarium! The bottom of the small terrarium is waterproof and both substrates and water remain where they belong. And that's not all: The Exo Terra Nano Terrarium comes with a beautiful back wall in a completely natural rock design, which not only looks good, but also serves as a welcome climbing opportunity for many terrarium animals! The beautiful back wall adds an extra dimension to the habitat in the terrarium and is also colour-matched to many Exo-Terra accessories. By the way: The assembly of the Exo Terra Nano Terrarium is a real piece of cake and a highly comprehensible manual is of course included.

The ingenious Exo Terra Nano Terrarium is available in two different sizes:

Exo Terra Nano Terrarium, normal: 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm (WxDxH)
Exo Terra Nano Terrarium, high: 20 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm (WxDxH)

Please note that the animals shown, the terrarium equipment (with the exception of the rear wall) and the Exo Terra Compact Top Nano (incl. lamps) are not included in the scope of delivery. These accessories are available separately!

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