Lucky Reptile Turtle Plant Ceratopteris

Very practical and attractive floating plants for turtle terrariums: LUCKY REPTILE TURTLE PLANTS! Easy to clean and available in different designs.

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Lucky Reptile Turtle Plants - practical and visually beautiful aquatic plants for turtle tanks

The Lucky Reptile Turtle Plants do not only look good as decoration in the turtle tank - these floating aquatic plants are also excellent sunbathing places and serve as hiding places or resting places. Also young turtles benefit from the Lucky Reptile Turtle Plants. Due to the length of these artificial aquatic plants (approx. 40 cm each) the Turtle Plants are excellent swimming aids and make sure that small turtles are protected from drowning.

Lucky Reptile Turtle Plants are made of high quality, stable plastic which is free of harmful substances - so no substances which could be harmful to the turtles' health get into the water. Also in terms of cleanliness the floating aquatic plants are very suitable: Simply take the aquatic plants out of the turtle tank and rinse them under clear water.

Lucky Reptile Turtle Plants are also available in the following designsLudwigia,e.g;Hornworte.g;and Bacopa.

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