Lucky Reptile Thermo Protect Protection Basket

Protects against burns: LUCKY REPTILE THERMO PROTECT PROTECTIVE BASKET Ingenious protection basket for terrarium lamps and radiant heaters in outstanding quality.

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Lucky Reptile Thermo Protect Protection Basket for Terrarium Lamps and Radiant Warmers

Thanks to the Lucky Reptile Thermo Protect, burns to reptiles in the terrarium are finally a thing of the past. The Thermo Protect is a special protective basket for terrarium lamps and radiant heaters, which protects reptiles absolutely reliably against burns. Due to the ultra-fine grid, even a baby corn snake has no chance of getting into the protective cage - no other protective cage can do that!

Another ingenious feature is the anti-glare protection included in the Thermo Protect protective basket. It prevents the viewer from looking directly into the dazzling terrarium lamp in front of the terrarium. Lucky Reptile has obviously given a lot of thought to the fixing of the Thermo Protect: A base plate is simply installed on the terrarium ceiling. For wooden terrariums this is done by means of the screws included in the scope of delivery. For glass terrariums we recommend to install the Thermo Protect protection basket with our terrarium silicone. In any case, you are absolutely flexible here and the great advantage of the base plate is clear: it really closes absolutely tight. The actual protection cage of the Thermo Protect is then mounted on the base plate by means of a safety catch. This is child's play and makes it easy to change the light source without having to dismantle the entire protective basket every time.

And which sockets should I use with the Lucky Reptile Thermo Protect lamp protection basket?
In any case you should always use a ceramic frame for safety reasons. For example, the Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket and Thermo Socket Pro ceramic sockets are suitable. But all other standard ceramic frames can also be used. And if you also want to add a lamp shade, simply take the Lucky Reptile reflector set. This fits in all sizes in the large version of the Thermo Protect. Apropos size: The Thermo Protect is available in two sizes:

Small: Lucky Reptile Thermo Protect protective basket 16 x 12 x 12 cm, base plate 14 x 15 cm
Large: Lucky Reptile Thermo Protect protection basket 26 x 16 x 16 cm, base plate 18 x 19 cm

The following table tells you which size of the Thermo Protect protective basket is the right one for your terrarium lamp.


lamp type Thermo Protect small Thermo Protect large
Elstein radiator Up to 100 Watt From 150 Watt
Exo Terra Sun Glo   X
Exo Terra Sun Glo Spot Up to 100 Watt From 150 Watt
Exo Terra Sun Glo Tight Beam Up to 100 Watt From 150 Watt
Exo Terra Heat Glo Up to 100 Watt From 100 Watt
Exo Terra Night Glo 50 and 75 Watt All others
Exo Terra Heat Wave Lamp Up to 150 Watt From 250
Exo Terra Swamp Glo X  
Exo Terra Repti Glo UV Compact Lamps   X
Exo Terra Solar Glo   X
Zoo Med Reptisun Compact   X
Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Up to 100 Watt From 150 Watt
Zoo Med Powersun   X
Hobby Diamond Halogen Lamps (Spot and Flood) X  
Hobby Sunlight X  
Hobby Thermo Basking Spotlight X  
Hobby Moonlight   X
Hobby Neodymium Basking Spot Daylight X  
Hobby HQL Lamps   X
Hobby UV Compact (Jungle and Desert)   X
Hobby UV Reptile Vital   X
Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun X  
Lucky Reptile Amphib Sun Mini X  
Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun Mini X  
Lucky Reptile Amphib Sun Gross X  
Lucky Reptile Moon Lamp LED X  
Lucky Reptile Bright Sun All variants,
except Flood and Ultra
Flood and Ultra
Osram Ultra Vitalux   X


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