Wax moth larvae / wax maggots

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The rich live snack for reptiles: WAX MOTH LARVAE! Particularly rich in nutrients.

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  • Frischen verlorene Reserven bei Reptilien schnell auf
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Wax moth larvae / wax maggots - when reptiles just need a little more

Wax moth larvae (wax maggots) are the perfect source of energy when it comes to replenishing the reserves of reptiles. Wax moth larvae (wax maggots) are extremely fatty as feed insects, which excludes the use of the feed animals as sole or main feed! But: If a terrarium animal is weakened or has lost a lot of weight, wax moth larvae (wax maggots) are the perfect food animals, especially since almost all insectivores among reptiles seem to love the taste of wax moth larvae (wax maggots). Wax moth larvae (wax maggots), offered as feed animals, are always eaten greedily. This is probably due to the sweet taste of the wax moth larvae (wax maggots). Also our terrarium protégés seem to be small Schleckermäuler. Enjoyed in moderation, there is nothing to be said against the occasional administration of wax moth larvae (wax maggots).

What we know of the food insects under the name wax moth larvae (wax maggots) is the offspring of two butterfly species. These are the Large Wax Moth (Galleria mellonella) and the Small Wax Moth (Achroea grisella), the larvae of which are particularly easy to keep. By the way, we offer the large wax moth larva here. In contrast to the wax moths themselves, the wax moth larvae (wax maggots) are not necessarily seen everywhere gladly, because they belong to the bee pests. Wax moth larvae (wax maggots) have an unbridled appetite, which they prefer to satisfy inside beehives. There, wax moth larvae (wax maggots) unrestrainedly eat and destroy every honeycomb - including their brood. By adopting the nest smell, the wax moth larvae (wax maggots) are not recognized by bees as enemies: often a fatal error.

As feed insects however wax moths larvae (wax maggots) are extremely popular and completely unproblematic. Wax moth larvae (wax maggots) are particularly suitable for keeping on stock, as the feed animals stop growing at temperatures below 14° C and do not take up any more food. So you can easily store your wax moths larvae (wax maggots) in the vegetable compartment of your home refrigerator and remove the food insects as needed. An additional feeding is definitely not necessary with adult wax moths larvae (wax maggots) and the feed animals nevertheless remain vital and healthy for your reptiles. Also bird breeders and owners of amphibians swear by this power snack among the feed animals. What you may not know is that wax moth larvae (wax maggots) are not only energy-rich food insects, they also provide very effective fishing baits.

Our healthy and species-appropriate fed wax moth larvae (wax maggots) are always available daily fresh in a tin with approx. 35 food insects. The wax moth larvae (wax maggots) are clean and can be fed immediately.

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