Exo Terra Natural Paludarium

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High-quality finish and beautiful design: EXO TERRA PALUDARIUM! With exclusive, visually fascinating root back wall.

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  • Strong combination of terrarium and aquarium
  • Extra deep, absolutely waterproof bottom
  • Ideal for many aquatic species
  • Background in exclusive, beautiful root design
  • Closable channels for hoses and cables

Exo Terra Paludarium - the best of both worlds

Terrarium meets aquarium: With the Exo Terra Paludarium you get a high-quality, semi-aquatic terrarium with which you can imitate rainforest, swamp or river. The Paludarium is ideal for aquatic and land-based animal and plant species. By the way, a paludarium gets its name from the Latin term "pallus", which simply means swamp. The lower part of your paludarium has a particularly high, front bottom glass. This is of course optimal for a higher water level. This makes it easy to create a water or aquarium part. Aquatic animals and plants can be placed directly next to the land part (terrarium). A part of the water area can consist of a double bottom. Thus the land section is optimally supported. In addition, you can place devices (filters, pumps or water heaters) there. If desired, this area can also be used as a biological filter system.

Water can be pumped through the terrarium along the back wall, which you can plant with living plants and mosses. Create individual waterfalls where the water slowly flows back into the tank. This looks unbelievably beautiful and becomes an absolute eye-catcher in the terrarium room. In addition, the water is naturally enriched with vital oxygen. The water is biologically filtered by living plants and mosses. contribute to the filter capacity of your terrarium. Such a system imitates in a fascinating way a biological filtering like in nature. Even better, you have a permanent source of clean water, your own mini-ecosystem behind glass. These are ideal housing conditions for semi-aquatic reptiles and amphibians.

Great feature of the Exo Terra Paludarium: The beautiful, exclusive back wall with root design provides climbing possibilities. This terrarium back wall was inspired by the impressive roots of the Banyan trees. 

Very practical: The front doors can be opened individually, so access is very easy. Ideal for cleaning and feeding and at the same time a good remedy against "breakouts". The special lock prevents the doors from being opened by your terrarium animals. The high-quality terrarium top consists of fine-meshed metal mesh. This ensures perfect ventilation and makes it possible for infrared radiation and UV light to penetrate deep into the terrarium. The top can be removed effortlessly with a short handle. The back of the cover offers plenty of space. Here you will find 5 lockable cable or hose openings on both sides. Thus waterfalls, pumps, aquarium heaters, sensors, etc. can be installed optimally and simply.

Another tip for optimal operation of the Exo Terra Paludarium: Check the water regularly. This is the only way to determine if the filters are still working properly. This is the basis for high water quality. Please change the water in the paludarium regularly. This increases the water quality and removes harmful substances. Never discharge the water completely, as this also destroys beneficial bacteria and desired microorganisms. 

The Exo Terra Natural Paludarium measures 30 cm x 30 cm x 60 cm (WxDxH).

The root back wall is included in the scope of delivery.

The Exo Terra Paludarium is also compatible with the Exo Terra Compact Top 30, making it particularly easy to install terrarium lamps.

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