Luxury snake hook with golf club handle

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Perfectly suitable for safe and species-appropriate lifting: LUXURY SNAKE HOOK WITH GOLF CLUB HANDLE Also suitable for large snakes.

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  • 100 cm Länge - reicht in jede Terrarienecke
  • Abgesetzter Griff für die ideale Handhabe
  • Gummierte Spitze für sicheren Halt der Schlange
  • Auch für Riesenschlangen geeignet - dank massivem Edelstahl extrem robust

Luxury snake hook with golf club handle - perfect for handling snakes

Snakes should not be taken out of the terrarium with bare hands, but expertly with a snake hook. With poisonous snakes this goes without saying anyway, but also for all other snakes, and last but not least for you as the owner another handling can be stressful and dangerous. The luxury snake hook with golf club handle is species-appropriate. When we say "luxury", we do not mean that it is superfluous frippery. On the contrary, should you own boas, pythons or other giant snakes, this snake hook with golf club grip is indispensable, even the handling of nimble snakes works excellently. On the one hand, the length of 100 cm is predestined for lifting large snakes. Not only can you reach everywhere in the large terrarium, but the leverage effect is also ideal for giant snakes due to the length. This is of course not the only feature that makes this snake hook a luxury snake hook. The golf club handle is made of non-slip rubber - absolutely necessary if you have to lift especially thick chunks out of the terrarium. And although the luxury snake hook with golf club handle is made of robust, stainless steel, it impresses with its extremely low weight. A further plus, if heavy giant snakes are to be lifted with it. You see: The luxury snake hook with golf club handle is not just a nice extra for the snake owner, but definitely belongs to the basic equipment of every snake lover.

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