Lucky Reptile Button Probes

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Determine the sex of your reptiles: LUCKY REPTILE BUTTON PROBES! Reliable, fast and uncomplicated.

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  • Eindeutige Geschlechtsbestimmung im Handumdrehen
  • Verschiedene Sonden im Set für unterschiedliche Reptiliengrößen
  • Vollkommen unproblematisch für Reptilien und ihre Besitzer
  • Aus leicht zu reinigendem Edelstahl

Lucky Reptile Button Probes - for Sex Determination of Reptiles

Sex determination of snakes and other reptiles is not only a question of skill, but also one of the right button probes. The Lucky Reptile button probes are ideal for determining the sex of reptiles. A short excursion into the anatomy of reptiles: males have two hemipenes in their cloaca on the left and right side. At the same place, females have only pocket-similar glands. The Lucky Reptile button probes make use of exactly this anatomy. They are inserted tailwards into the cloaca, whereby the probe can be inserted substantially deeper with a male than with a female. The Lucky Reptile button probes come in a handy set, so if you house reptiles of different ages or very different species, you are definitely on the safe side. Three large probes are suitable for adult reptiles, up to pythons. The smaller Lucky Reptile button probes are well suited for young animals. To simplify handling, the two smaller Lucky Reptile button probes each have a loop. The probes are made of stainless steel, which makes sex determination not only child's play, but also ultra-hygienic. The steel can be cleaned easily and without residue. A practical probe case ensures that the sensitive devices can be ideally stored after cleaning until the next use. So you always have them at hand, whatever size you need!

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