Lucky Reptile Health Scan

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The 100 % reliable parasite check from the laboratory: LUCKY REPTILE HEALTH SCAN! Easy to use and with professional laboratory results.

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  • Enthält alles, was Sie für die Kotentnahme benötigen
  • Die Untersuchung im EXOMED-Institut ist bereits im Kaufpreis enthalten
  • Kotentnahme schnell und leicht erledigt
  • Kann Einschleppung von Parasiten verhindern

Lucky Reptile Health Scan

Since a parasite infestation cannot be noticed immediately with the naked eye, especially when it appears in the reptile organism, Lucky Reptile Health Scan should be part of the medicine chest of every terrarium keeper. In the case of old-established reptiles, a faecal sample should be taken in case of suspicious circumstances such as diarrhoea, weight loss or general weakness. When inserting new reptiles into the terrarium, the use of Lucky Reptile Health Scan is particularly recommended to prevent parasites from being introduced into the terrarium, which could infect other reptiles.

The "Lucky Reptile Health Scan" set contains everything you need for a scent collection and subsequent examination: You can put as fresh a faecal sample as possible into the sample tube, which you can then stow in the already addressed envelope. In addition, please fill in the enclosed shipping form. Here, anomalies are recorded that could help the laboratory to make a diagnosis. The highlight: A voucher for the parasitological examination in the renowned EXOMED reptile laboratory is already included, so that the examination (direct smear and sedimentation) is already paid for! The methods used are suitable for almost all parasites (worms, their eggs, flagellants) that can be detected in the faeces. Only the proof of the cryptosporidia dreaded in terraristics can only be carried out by a complex special test. However, this special test can also be applied for easily and uncomplicatedly at EXOMED. A very detailed manual completes the "Lucky Reptile Health Scan" set.

The EXOMED laboratory will send you the findings either by post, fax or e-mail, so that you are immediately informed of the result. If a disease is diagnosed, the laboratory will even inform you of an appropriate treatment proposal at the same time.

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