Lucky Reptile Kovi-X Disinfectant for Terrariums

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Not clean, but really clean: LUCKY REPTILE KOVI-X! Highly effective surface disinfectant for terrariums - with a particularly broad spectrum of action.

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  • Schützt vor unhygienischen Zuständen im Terrarium
  • Bekämpft selbst die für Reptilien gefährlichen Kokzidien
  • Pumpzerstäuber erleichtert die Dosierung
  • Wirkt gegen Bakterien, Viren, Pilze, Milben, Zecken und sogar Wurmeier
  • Attention! Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

Lucky Reptile Kovi-X disinfects terrariums and protects reptiles from diseases

Did you know that veterinarians assume that approx. 85 % of all bearded dragons in German terrariums are affected by life-threatening coccidia? Fungi, worms and viruses are also more common in many terrariums than reptiles themselves. With the disinfectant Kovi-X from Lucky Reptile you can safely get rid of all these pests and protect your reptiles from dangerous diseases with sometimes serious consequences. Kovi-X by Lucky Reptile is a surface disinfectant that has been specially developed for reptiles and terrarium use. Especially the wide range of effects is perfectly designed for terrariums. Lucky Reptile Kovi-X is safe against bacteria, fungi, viruses, mites, ticks and even worm eggs. Especially worms and coccidia are a big problem in terrariums. Targeted medication only helps reptiles and amphibians if the environment, i.e. the terrarium, is treated at the same time. This is where the eggs of the pests often sit and this is where Kovi-X comes in. Lucky Reptile Kovi-X should therefore always be used when reptiles are treated against bacteria, viruses, worms or coccidia. You should also use Kovi-X with every change of substrate, regardless of diseases. At least every 3 months we recommend a conscientious cleaning of the terrarium with Kovi-X in order to prevent diseases from occurring in the first place.

And how exactly is Kovi-X used by Lucky Reptile? That is also quite simple. Kovi-X must not be used directly on animals. So you have to remove all the inhabitants of the terrarium, as well as any ground or litter. Then spray Kovi-X generously on all furnishings and the terrarium and wash and ventilate well after application. Please note that Kovi-X is deadly for invertebrates (spiders or scorpions for example). Therefore, there should be no residue left in the terrarium when these animals are put back into the terrarium.

Content: 500 ml

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