Lucky Reptile Biodor Terra

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Terrarium cleaner with fantastic effect: LUCKY REPTILE BIODOR TERRA! Does not leave dirt and pathogens in the terrarium a chance.

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  • Reinigt alle Oberflächen im Terrarium
  • Neutralisiert unangenehme Gerüche effektiv
  • Beseitigt auch hartnäckige Kalkablagerungen
  • 500 ml Konzentrat reichen für bis zu 7,5 Liter Gebrauchslösung

Lucky Reptile Biodor Terra - 3 in 1 Terrarium Cleaner

Lucky Reptile Biodor Terra is a real jack-of-all-trades in the terrarium. Because the terrarium cleaner fulfils several tasks at the same time and of course without becoming dangerous for your reptiles. Lucky Reptile Biodor Terra combines three functions: terrarium cleaner, odour killer and lime remover! Visible residues as well as invisible bacteria are removed without leaving any residue. At the same time, the cleaner can also be used to wipe away limescale deposits from decorative objects such as water troughs or waterfalls, i.e. everything that comes into contact with water. Lucky Reptile Biodor Terra can also be used to treat all other furnishings, terrarium panes and even ground. Positive side effect: Negative odours are bound and thus neutralized. By the way: Even if our Lucky Reptile Biodor Terra kills bacteria, the terrarium cleaner is "choosy"; special microorganisms, which are important for reptiles and terrarium climate, remain untouched by the Lucky Reptile Biodor Terra, so that the biological balance in the terrarium cannot get out of joint.

The dosage is child's play: for the cleaning of glass panes you need a mixing ratio of Biodor : water of 1 : 15. Furnishings should be cleaned with a 1 : 5 dilution. So one bottle of concentrate can be sufficient for up to 7.5 litres of working solution! In addition to 500 ml Lucky Reptile Biodor Terra, you will receive a practical spray bottle for dosing, a cleaning cloth and, of course, instructions for effective use.

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