Terfly (flying, cruel flying)

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Special breeding: Very easy to handle: TERFLY! Nutritious for insectivorous reptiles.

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  • Flugunfähige Stubenfliegen - ersparen Stress und Ärger
  • Bestens ernährte Futterinsekten tagesfrisch
  • Bei uns Terfly (Krullfliegen) dauergünstig
  • Aus kontrollierter, professioneller Insektenzucht

Terfly (Krull flies) - flies that do not fly as healthy food insects

Many terrarians do not know these ingenious food insects yet and therefore we would like to introduce the Terfly (Krull flies) to you at this point, because they are indeed perfectly suitable as nutritious food insects in the terrarium. All insectivorous reptiles, which also have a weakness for normal house flies, are particularly fond of terfly (cruel flies). Terfly lovers (they are often simply called stumpy flies) include chameleons, phelsumas, geckos and many other reptiles. The advantage of Terfly (Krullfliegen) over normal houseflies lies in the shape of its wings. Terfly (Krullfliegen) are special cultivars, which show two essential differences to the Stubenfliegen. On the one hand the wings of the food insects are bent upwards, which gives the Terfly (Krull flies) their typical appearance, and on the other hand the pigment layer of the eyes was modified with the Terfly (Krull flies). In contrast to normal houseflies Terfly (Krullfliegen) can see very badly and perceive only light-dark differences. This of course makes it much easier for reptiles to overwhelm the food animals. The unusual wing form of the Terfly (Krullfliegen) accustoms the food insects simply and simply to flying. This makes Terfly very easy to handle and easy to feed.

As far as agility is concerned, these mutations of the housefly are in no way inferior to their "originals". The natural bag instinct of the reptiles remains awakened - for the terrarium owner, however, the work is made immensely easier! Also the nutritional values of the Terfly (Krullfliegen) do not differ from those of the normal Stubenfliegen (Musca domestica). Terfly (Krullfliegen) is a healthy, protein-rich insect snack with a low fat content. Our feed insects are perfectly fed and absolutely vital when they come to you.


If you've often put regular houseflies on your reptile's menu, try the Terfly (Krullfliegen). The effortless handling will definitely inspire you. You get Terfly (Krullfliegen) as feed insects from us ready to use as a breeding batch in the feed insect can (volume 0.5 liters).

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