Protective grid for clamp lamps in the terrarium

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Protect reptiles safely from burns: PROTECTIVE GRILLES FOR CLAMP LAMPS! Maximum safety in the terrarium - suitable for terrarium clamp lamps of various sizes.

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  • Verhindert direkten Kontakt zwischen Reptilien und Terrarienlampen
  • Für alle Terrarienlampen und Wärmestrahler bestens geeignet
  • Rostfreies Stahlgitter - auch für feuchte Terrarienumgebungen geeignet
  • Kinderleichte Montage - draufstecken und fertig
  • Für alle Klemmlampen mit 14 cm Durchmesser

Protective grid for clamp lamps in the terrarium

The safety of reptiles in the terrarium must always have absolute priority, but unfortunately there are always serious injuries due to the avoidable contact with terrarium lamps. Yet it is so easy to prevent effectively here. A special protective grid for clamp lamps costs little and offers maximum protection in the terrarium. The protective grille for clamp lamps is suitable for any illuminant. No matter whether you want to install daylight lamps or heat lamps safely in the terrarium - the installation is done in a few steps. The protective grille for clamp lamps is not only convincing because of its high level of safety, but also because of its high-quality workmanship. The protective grid is made of stainless steel and can also be used in humid terrarium environments - i.e. in aqua terrariums or paludariums. In terraristics, the basic recommendation is to place all terrarium lamps with a power of 40 watts or more behind grids. However, we recommend this for all lamps that produce strong heat - so you and your terrarium animals are always on the safe side. With the protective grille for clamp lamps, the following applies quite clearly: 100 % protection at an absolute mini price!

The protective grille fits all 14 cm diameter clamp lamps.

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