Pinky maggots (maggots of the gold fly)

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Ideal live food for frogs and insects: PINKY MADEN! Lots of proteins - therefore well suited as breeding food.

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  • Gesunde und frische Futterinsekten
  • Ideales Aufzuchtfutter durch hohen Eiweißgehalt
  • Futtertiere bei uns dauerhaft preiswert
  • Pinky Maden aus streng kontrollierter Zucht

Pinky maggots - fresh maggots of the gold fly as feed animals

You should know Pinky maggots if you keep frogs (also arrow poison frogs), spiders or show insects, because Pinky maggots have proven to be an optimal nutrient supplier. Pinky maggots are the commonly used term for the larvae of various types of blowfly. The Pinky maggots we offer are the larvae of the gold fly (Lucilia caesar), which is also known as the emperor gold fly. The golden fly belongs to the smaller members of the family of blowflies and accordingly the so-called Pinky maggots are significantly smaller than the larvae of other blowflies. Smaller in the Pinky case means maggot: These fly larvae grow to a maximum length of 4 mm and are therefore ideal food animals for smaller terrarium animals. However, Pinky maggots are not only popular as food animals in terrariums, many fishing friends have also discovered the advantages of Pinky maggots. In our experience, it is the pinky maggots that should be tried out by anglers looking for a good hook bait. Incidentally, Pinky maggots are also well suited as an admixture in attractant feeds.

Pinky maggots are subject to the same rules as other fly larvae when it comes to storage. Pinky maggots that are stored too warm will pupate very quickly. If you want to store your Pinky maggots for a longer period of time, the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator or a similarly cool place is recommended. If possible, leave the Pinky maggots in the tin in which they are delivered. If you still want to use your own container for your Pinky maggots, make sure that the lid closes tightly and does not have too many air holes. Pinky maggots are very agile and like to use such escape possibilities.

Fresh and nutrient-rich Pinky maggots are available from us in a practical tin with approx. 30 grams of larvae.

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