Nekton Rep vitamin and mineral food

The full health program for terrarium animals NEKTON REP VITAMIN AND MINERAL FOOD! Supplies all reptiles and amphibians with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

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Item number RK0295A

Nekton Rep - Feed supplement for reptiles

Nekton Rep from Nekton is vitamin powder and mineral powder in a product specially developed for reptiles and amphibians. Nekton Rept is an all-embracing, highly effective multivitamin and multi-mineral preparation, which protects and supports the entire organism of terrarium animals in an excellent way. Nekton Rep contains all the vitamins, trace elements, minerals and naturally pure amino acids needed by terrarium animals. Very important: Nekton Rep-Color really succeeded in combining the high-quality ingredients in exactly the right proportions for reptiles and amphibians. The formula was selected so that the ingredients support each other in their positive effect on Nekton Rep and thus unfold their full effectiveness. So Nekton Rep can and should be regularly administered even to pure herbivores among reptiles like European tortoises because of the amino acids it contains. The high proportion of epithelial protective vitamin A should be emphasised. Vitamin A (retinol) is vital for many functions in reptiles and amphibians associated with the skin and shell.

What exactly does vitamin A do in nekton repair? It ensures that the skin, mucous membranes and shells of turtles, other reptiles and amphibians function perfectly. Skinning difficulties, for example, are a common sign of vitamin A deficiency in reptiles. Also mouth rot and other inflammations due to malfunction of the mucous membranes.

A must for the mineral powder Nekton Rep is of course exactly the right amount of calcium and vitamin D3. Together with UV surface emitters, this ensures healthy bone and shell growth in the terrarium and protects against rickets in all reptiles. So play it safe and provide your reptiles and other terrarium inhabitants with Nekton Rep at every feeding. This strengthens and protects the organism and enables a long and healthy reptile life.

Application of Nekton Rep over the feed:

This is of course the easiest way to administer Nekton Rep. Simply add the required amount to the reptile food. For tortoises sprinkle a knife tip over salad, for water turtles simply powder a piece of fish or heart meat and feed directly. Insect-eating terrarium animals are given Nektron Rep by pollinating the feed insects. In the case of large carnivores such as boas, pythons or monitors, lightly moisten the fur or plumage of the feed animals in the neck and then powder Nekton Rep with the vitamin powder - this will adhere better.

Application of Nekton Rep via the drinking water:

This is also a simple solution for your reptiles. Add 1 g Nekton Rep to 250 ml drinking water. An extra measuring spoon is included in the package, in which exactly 1 g fits. Attention, please note that the drinking water must be changed daily in the terrarium. Please only prepare as much Nekton Rep with drinking water as the terrarium animals drink in one day.

Application of Nekton Rep on the water in aquatic terrariums:

In the case of aquatic amphibians and reptiles, vitamin absorption can even take place via the skin and swallowing processes during eating. So simply add Nekton Rep vitamin powder to the water in which the reptiles and amphibians swim regularly. As a rule of thumb, approx. 1 g (one measuring spoon) per 30 litres of water should be used.


Nekton Rep should be administered daily or with any feed. Please follow the dosage suggestions. For the protection of your reptiles and amphibians, it is better to administer little and regular Nekton Rep rather than an overdose occasionally.


VITAMINS: vitamin A; vitamin D3; vitamin E; vitamin B1; vitamin B2; calcium D-pantothenate; nicotinamide; vitamin B6; folic acid; vitamin B12; vitamin C; vitamin K3

MINERAL MATERIALS: manganese, zinc, copper, iron, cobalt, iodine, calcium, magnesium

AMINO ACIDS: L-lysine, DL-methionine

Nekton Rep is available in two practical package sizes of 35 or 75 grams.

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