Nekton Multi-Rep

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Effective and developed according to the latest scientific findings: NEKTON MULTI-REP! Pure health for your terrarium animals.

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  • Auf die Bedürfnisse von Reptilien und Amphibien zugeschnitten
  • Nur hochwertige Zutaten, streng kontrolliert
  • Schützt Reptilien und Amphibien nachhaltig, bei Züchtern beliebt
  • Mit dem praktischen Nekton Multi-Rep Dosierlöffel

Nekton Multi-Rep - everything healthy reptiles and amphibians need

Nekton Multi-Rep is one of the best nutritional supplements on the market and there are good reasons for this: With 12 vitamins, 9 amino acids and 7 trace elements, Nekton Multi-Rep has been developed according to the latest scientific findings and is ideal for the healthy basic care of your reptiles. Nekton Multi-Rep is the basis for a stable bone structure and for the preservation of the skeleton. With Nekton Multi-Rep the natural growth of reptiles is supported - so you can effectively prevent dangerous undesirable developments. No wonder that Nekton Multi-Rep is one of the most popular vitamin preparations even among successful breeders. With Nekton Multi-Rep you can rely on the highest product quality.

Nekton Nekton Multi-Rep is characterized by a low concentration of vitamin A, which makes it particularly suitable for reptiles that carry shells and do not skin. The health of amphibians also benefits from the administration of Nekton Multi-Rep. Important: The ratio between calcium and phosphorus in Nekton Multi-Rep is optimal and completely designed for a firm bone structure of terrarium animals. Give your reptiles and amphibians at least once a week and avoid other vitamin supplements while using Nekton Multi-Rep. Thus Nekton Multi-Rep unfolds its full effect. The weekly administration of the product prevents nutrient-related deficiency diseases from developing in the first place.

Keepers of amphibians and reptiles should know that: Some vitamin deficiency damages are now known among our terrarium protegelings, which still occur too frequently and can all be avoided with Nekton Multi-Rep. For example, a vitamin A deficiency can lead to eye inflammation and various eye damages. Unfortunately also frequent: serious bone damage in amphibians or the dreaded bone softening in reptiles. Both diseases have their reason in a lack of vitamin D. Also here Nekton Multi-Rep helps comprehensively and prevents. If important B-complex vitamins are missing, digestive disorders, skin damage or paralysis are often the result. Nekton Multi-Rep also provides for a complete precaution here. Diseases are specifically prevented and your terrarium animals receive all vital nutrients and active ingredients.

Precise dosage instructions and a practical measuring spoon are included with the Nekton Multi-Rep pack. So when you feed with the healthy Nekton Multi-Rep you do everything right from the start and help your reptiles and amphibians to stay healthy.

Feed supplement for reptiles

With 12 vitamins, 9 amino acids and 7 trace elements

Composition: Dicalcium phosphate, dextrose, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate

Analytical components: Approx. 20 %, P 6 %, Mg 0.1 %

Nutritional additives per kg: Vitamin A 200,000 I.U., vitamin D3 40,000 I.U, Vitamin E 2,000 mg, vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride) 160 mg, vitamin B2 (ribofl avin) 500 mg, pantothenic acid (calcium D pantothenate) 800 mg, niacinamide 2500 mg, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 600 mg, folic acid 100 mg, vitamin B12 3,000 μg, biotin 10,000 μg, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) 4.000 mg, selenium 4.5 mg, carnitine (L-carnitine) 15,000 mg, taurine 2,000 mg, choline chloride 10,000 mg, iron (iron (II) sulphate) 600 mg, zinc (zinc sulphate) 250 mg, manganese (manganese (II) sulphate) 250 mg, copper (copper (II) sulphate) 155 mg, iodine (calcium iodate) 20 mg, cobalt (cobalt (II) carbonate) 8 mg

We offer Nekton Nekton Multi-Rep for reptiles and amphibians in different packaging sizes:
Nekton Multi-Rep, 35 gram
Nekton Multi-Rep, 75 gram

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