Mediterranean crickets (double-spot crickets) - feed insects/large packs (Gryllus bimaculatus)

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Popular and incredibly inexpensive! MEDITERRANEAN BARBECUES (SPOTTED BARBECUES) IN THE BIG PACK! Reptiles healthy supply and cash money save.

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  • Mittelmeergrillen auf Vorrat halten und so richtig sparen
  • Gesunde Futterinsekten aus artgerechter Zucht
  • Mittelmeergrillen erhalten Sie bei uns ausschließlich tagesfrisch und vital
  • Futtertiere aus kontrollierter Profizucht

Mediterranean grills bulk pack - healthy food insects at a low price, loose in a box

For those who have a greater need for food insects, our large packs are certainly the right choice, because this saves money when buying food animals. This also applies to Mediterranean grills, a particularly healthy snack for insectivorous reptiles. You receive your Mediterranean grills from us loose in a box and place the food insects in a terrarium or a suitable Faunabox. With this storage of feed insects you can reduce the costs for live food considerably and even larger quantities of feed animals will not quickly tear a hole in the cash register. A simple heat lamp ensures that the feed animals remain vital and with a good insect food the nutrient content always remains perfect. I'm sure your reptiles will thank you for it.

Also known as the "Zweifleckgrillen", the Mediterranean crickets are a standard and popular with the food insects for reptiles and in the entire terrarium. Like the steppe crickets with which they are closely related, Mediterranean crickets are insensitive to cooler temperatures, which does not make shipping in winter an adventure. Mediterranean grills are particularly rich in content and are therefore at the top of the prey plan of many reptiles. Mediterranean grills are a wonderful alternative to the classic crickets and your terrarium animals will appreciate this variety. As feed insects, Mediterranean grills are a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that provide a good basis for a long, healthy reptile life. But not only reptiles appreciate this live food. Many other species - exotic rodents, mantids and various small mammals - are real fans of Mediterranean grills and can be fed balanced with the food insects. Robust, inexpensive and nutritious - these characteristics of the Mediterranean grills make these feed animals a fixed term in terraristics. Just try it. We guarantee you that our Mediterranean grills will always reach you fresh and vital every day. Buying feed insects in the reptile cosmos means: 1A quality, fast transport and top prices for all feed animals!

And with our ingenious large food insect packs you will definitely find your individual size. Our Mediterranean grills for stocking are available in the following quantities:

Mediterranean crickets large, approx. 250 food insects, body length 20-25 mm
Mediterranean crickets large, approx. 500 food insects, body length 20-25 mm
Mediterranean grills large, approx. 1,000 food insects, body length 20-25 mm
Mediterranean grills medium, approx. 500 food insects, body length 6-10 mm
Mediterranean grills medium, approx. 1,000 food insects, body length 6-10 mm
Mediterranean grills small, approx. 500 food-insects, length 2-5 mm
Mediterranean grills small, approx. 1,000 food-insects, length 2-5 mm

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