Lucky Reptile Tortoise Candy

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A tasty treat for tortoises: LUCKY REPTILE TORTOISE CANDY! With many healthy nutrients and purely natural ingredients.

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  • Der unwiderstehliche Geschmack für alle Landschildkröten
  • Ohne Aufwand gleich fertig zur Fütterung
  • Unter Verwendung bester Zutaten hergestellt
  • Pure Natur, ohne Farb- und Konservierungsstoffe

Lucky Reptile Tortoise Candy - the delicacy for tortoises

For tortoises, Lucky Reptile Tortoise Candy is the ultimate treat and as a small treat for in between absolute suitable. Lucky Reptile Tortoise Candy contains wholesome and tasty pieces of fruit and vegetables as well as flowers that turtles love to eat. All components of Lucky Reptile Tortoise Candy are dried so gently that no nutrients are lost - almost as good as fresh. Lucky Reptile Tortoise Candy is rich in natural vitamins and minerals and free of colorants and preservatives. Although Lucky Reptile Tortoise Candy contains a lot of healthy raw fibre, this treat for turtles should only be offered occasionally, as the high fruit content is not suitable for a permanent diet.

Mixed feed for supplementary feeding of tortoises and other herbivorous reptiles

Feeding recommendation: You can feed Lucky Reptile Tortoise Candy dry or mixed with water. To mix the reptile food, add 20 ml of warm water to 4 teaspoons of Lucky Reptile Tortoise Candy and let the food swell. Then simply stir and serve to the turtles. Please remove uneaten food immediately. For dry feeding, offer directly in a bowl and make sure you have fresh drinking water. Lucky Reptile Tortoise Candy should not be fed more than 1-2 times a week due to its high fruit content, especially for Mediterranean Testudo species. Always ensure a varied diet with a combination of different feeds for reptiles.

Composition: Vegetables 43 %, fruits 40 %, flowers 17 %. Carrots, apple, strawberries, paprika, cornflower blossoms, calendula blossoms, raspberries, sunflower.

Analytical components: Crude protein: 8,1 %, fat content: 2,8 %. Crude fibre: 25.2%.

You will receive 35 grams of Lucky Reptile Tortoise Candy in cardboard packaging.

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