Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding

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The optimal substrate for turtles: LUCKY REPTILE TORTOISE BEDDING! Stores moisture and always stays tread stable.

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  • Entwickelt mit der Hilfe namhafter Schildkrötenzüchter
  • Reich an natürlichen Fasern, schimmelfrei
  • Komplett ohne chemische Zusätze
  • Aktive Geruchsbindung und gute Hygieneeigenschaften
  • Nicht für die Verwendung mit Bodenheizungen geeignet

Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding - the top substrate for tortoises

Whoever holds tortoises knows this very well: The turtles often retreat into their hiding places and dig themselves in. For example, when there are unfavourable weather periods. This behaviour is absolutely natural and tortoises prefer such hiding places because of the uniform temperatures. In addition, the humidity is often higher and therefore more pleasant. The Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding supports the behaviour of tortoises - also in the terrarium and this unique substrate was developed for this purpose. Lucky Reptile has cooperated with renowned turtle breeders and zoological institutions, so that many practical experiences and scientific findings could be combined. The result is Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding. This turtle substrate retains moisture, yet is still stable, always pleasantly loose and prevents the formation of mould. Odours are actively bound and the particularly soft structure with many fibres ensures that it can be eaten by turtles without hesitation. This even benefits the healthy development of the tank.

The airy and loose structure of Tortoise Bedding is ideal against temperature fluctuations, which is why turtles like to bury themselves here. Natural clay minerals in Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding ensure constant moisture. The substrate can therefore also be used as an egg deposition substrate. If you want to spend an optimal winter with your tortoises, Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding is also ideal - and not only for outdoor use. Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding has a pH value that has been precisely adjusted to the needs of turtles. No chemical additives or fertilizers are used. This natural soil substrate is thus completely compostable.

Attention: Tortoise Bedding is not suitable for use with underfloor heating.

You will receive 20 litres of best Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding in a practical carrying case.

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