Lucky Reptile Thermometer Deluxe

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The clever digital thermometer with two measuring points: LUCKY REPTILE THERMOMETER DELUXE! Top quality digital thermometer for every terrarium.

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  • Führt die Messung der Terrarientemperatur an zwei Punkten parallel durch
  • Mit wasserdichtem Fernfühler
  • Sehr gut verarbeitetes Terrarien-Thermometer mit hoher Messgenauigkeit
  • Qualitativ ausgezeichnete Messtechnik zum Top-Preis

Lucky Reptile Thermometer Deluxe

Quite clever this great digital thermometer, because with the Lucky Reptile Thermometer Deluxe you have the possibility to measure the temperature in the terrarium at two different points. Two waterproof and indestructible remote sensors measure the temperature at two points in the terrarium in parallel. The sensors of the Lucky Reptile Thermometer Deluxe can of course also be used under water, for example to control the water temperature in an aquatic terrarium. And why is this thermometer now so deluxe? Very simple: The Lucky Reptile Thermometer Deluxe has two 150 cm long remote sensors including suction cups for mounting and a measuring range from -50°C to 70°C and is therefore extremely flexible and versatile in the terrarium. Of course, the Lucky Reptile Thermometer Deluxe is top quality and designed for a long service life - just as you would expect from Lucky Reptile products. And, of course, the battery required to operate the Lucky Reptile Thermometer Deluxe is included. With the Lucky Reptile Thermometer Deluxe you get a lot of good measurement technology for your terrarium at a real dream price.

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