Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro Ceramic Sockets with Plug and Play

The perfect ceramic sockets for terrarium lamps and radiant heaters: LUCKY REPTILE THERMO SOCKET PRO! Very easy installation due to superior plug and play and up to 300 watt load capacity.

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Item number RK1028D

Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro Ceramic Lampholder

When, if not now? Who if not us? Let's be honest: There is no alternative to an efficient ceramic frame in the terrarium that can easily cope with the highest temperatures. Of course you could say: "And? There are a lot of ceramic sockets for terrariums and many are even cheaper!" That may be true, but the Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro ceramic sockets offer such a range of advantages that they get our big recommendation in the terrarium area! In addition to the outstanding product quality, the Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro Ceramic Lampholder is a real plus when it comes to installation, because it is completely ready for connection. All installation accessories are included, and with the Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro ceramic sockets the motto is of course plug and play - typical for Lucky Reptile's high-quality lighting technology. Instead of tedious screwing, all connections are simply and 100 % securely plugged in here! The scope of delivery naturally also includes the connection cable with switch, which is of course simply connected to the ceramic socket with a short click. Who has ever claimed that the installation of terrarium lamps is something difficult? Even a ballast is no problem here - simply connect instead of the switch and it is ready for operation. Incredibly ingenious, incredibly simple!

As far as the quality of the ceramic frames is concerned, one can only say - Lucky Reptile! These sockets do not kneel in front of any terrarium lamp and can be operated with any light source that has a normal E27 thread. The Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro ceramic socket tolerates 300 watts without any problem. It is superior to all plastic and metal lampholders and reliably protected against melting through - regardless of whether you operate a powerful flat radiator or a particularly large heat lamp on the ceramic lampholder. Of course, the Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro ceramic lampholder is also very compatible with the powerful Lucky Reptile Bright Sun series of terrarium lamps. And so that you don't have any problems with the correct height of the ceramic socket in the terrarium - a practical chain is included for this purpose!

Those who have the choice are spoilt for choice - at least when it comes to choosing the right Thermo Socket Pro frame. Five different Thermo Socket Pro variants are available and cover every installation in the terrarium, no matter how unusual. Everything has been thought of here. And when we say everything, we mean it: Even if you want to illuminate your reptiles from below, Lucky Reptile has the right lampholder for you!

Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro straight:

Simply screw it to the ceiling of the terrarium - done. The terrarium lamp then shines straight down onto your reptiles.

Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro angled:

Simply screw it to the ceiling of the terrarium - done. The terrarium lamp then shines at an angle on your reptiles. Ideal for slightly flatter terrariums, where a vertically downwards shining terrarium lamp would be too warm. Or for the targeted illumination of lying areas, second levels, rear walls or climbing branches in the terrarium, for example.

Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro hanging:

This porcelain socket has an eyelet and is delivered with a metal chain. By means of the loop and the chain, you can install this version of the Thermo Socket Pro socket hanging from the Terrrari blanket. Ideal for particularly high terrariums or if you want to illuminate climbing branches and high lying areas of reptiles.

Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro with thread:

Equipped with one M10 threaded rod, two washers and two lock nuts. The cable is led through the inside of the threaded rod. This porcelain socket is therefore ideal for installation through the terrarium ceiling (glass and wood terrarium) or through a perforated plate. The threaded rod is guided through the ceiling and fixed with lock nuts and washers. Of course the mounting thread on the socket is also compatible with our angle joints with threaded rod.

Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro with joint:

The same principle as the Thermo Socket Pro socket with thread, except that an angle joint is already included. So align the terrarium lamp exactly where light, heat or UV radiation is needed.

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