Lucky Reptile Thermo-Hygrometer Deluxe Pro

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The professional class among the combination devices: LUCKY REPTILE THERMO-HYGROMETER DELUXE PRO! Ingenious combination of thermometer and hygrometer - with two separate remote sensors.

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  • High-End Thermometer und Hygrometer mit 2 Fernfühlern und vollem Funktionsumfang
  • Großes, sehr einfach ablesbares LCD-Display
  • Speichert fortlaufend die minimalen und maximalen Werte
  • Gleich vier Funktionen in einem einzigen Gerät - besonders preisgünstig

Lucky Reptile Thermo-Hygrometer Deluxe Pro

Pro and then Deluxe? Must be something great. And indeed it is, because the Lucky Reptile Thermo-Hygrometer Deluxe Pro is one of the best combination measuring instruments for terrariums. The Lucky Reptile Thermo-Hygrometer Deluxe Pro combines four functions to give you everything you need to effectively control temperature and humidity in your terrarium. The device itself can of course be installed outside the terrarium, so it cannot come into contact with the reptiles and remains clean, which significantly increases the lifespan. Two remote sensors with a cable length of 1.50 meters each allow the exact measurement of temperature and humidity in the terrarium. The Lucky Reptile Thermo-Hygrometer Deluxe Pro uses one of these remote sensors to measure temperature and humidity simultaneously, while a second remote sensor measures another temperature value! You may be wondering why you need it in your terrarium. Quite simple: You can monitor the temperature gradient in the terrarium very comfortably and at the same time the warm and the cold zone - for many reptiles an important thing when it comes to optimal health and development. A great additional function of the Lucky Reptile Thermo-Hygrometer Deluxe Pro: The device continuously stores the minimum and maximum values - for all measuring points. So you always have complete control and know quickly where you may need to readjust in the terrarium.

The excellent equipment of the Lucky Reptile Thermo-Hygrometer Pro Deluxe is rounded off by a high-quality, large LCD display on which you can read all values very easily. The battery required for operation is already included in the delivery - so you can start measuring in the terrarium right away. The Lucky Reptile Thermo-Hygrometer Pro Deluxe is manufactured to a very high standard and features only genuine quality components that make operation in daily terrarium practice a real breeze. In its class, the Lucky Reptile Thermo-Hygrometer Pro Deluxe is simply recommended.

Technical details
Measuring range temperature combination sensor -30°C to +50°C
Measuring range remote sensor -50°C to +70°C
Resolution: 0.1°C, 1%
Humidity range: 20% to 99%.
Update rate: 10 seconds
Battery: 1x 1,5V button cell LR44

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