Lucky Reptile Terra-Tec H2O

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Demineralized water for terrariums: LUCKY REPTILE TERRA-TEC H2O!Ideal for humidifiers and sprinkler systems.

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  • Spezialwasser für Nebler und Beregnungsanlagen
  • Schützt vor Schäden die durch Verkalkung ausgelöst werden
  • Im günstigen 5 Liter Kanister
  • Kann direkt aus dem Kanister eingefüllt werden

Lucky Reptile Terra-Tec H2O - demineralized water for terrariums

Especially herpers living in regions with high water hardness know the problem: After a short time the nozzles of the irrigation system are blocked by lime or the membrane of the nebuliser is over. The cause is always the same: too high a lime content in the water. With Lucky Reptile Terra-Tec H2O we present a very simple solution. This demineralised water for terrariums ensures that disturbances and defects in terrarium equipment are a thing of the past, as no deposits can form at all with Lucky Reptile Terra-Tec H2O. Lucky Reptile Terra-Tec H2O can of course also be mixed with normal tap water to reduce the lime content to a minimum. So your stock of Lucky Reptile Terra-Tec H2O will last much longer. Lucky Reptile Terra-Tec H2O is excellent as spray water in terrariums and can also be used in aquariums.

We recommend the use of Lucky Reptile Terra-Tec H2O in all regions from an average water hardness of 8.4°dH (German degrees). By the way, it is an old legend that demineralized water is said to be harmful to humans and animals. This is simply nonsense and demineralised water does not remove any nutrients from the organism. Dew, for example, which many reptiles and other animals like to eat directly from plants and leaves, is also almost free of minerals. Lucky Reptile Terra-Tec H2O can therefore be used in your terrarium without hesitation.

You receive Lucky Reptile Terra-Tec H2O in a practical canister with 5 litres of demineralised water.

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