Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Terrarium Fan Set

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For an all-round healthy climate in the terrarium: LUCKY REPTILE TERRA FAN TERRARIUM FAN SET! The ingenious fan set including transformer. Works wonders against dangerous air jams in the terrarium.

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  • Geniales Lüftungssystem für Terrarien - mit temperaturgesteuerter Drehzahl
  • Lüfterset mit zwei leistungsstarken Terrarienlüftern und Niedervolttrafo
  • Kann bis auf vier Lüfter erweitert werden - auch für Großterrarien geeignet
  • Beseitigt gefährliche Stauwärme im Terrarium und sorgt für perfekte Durchlüftung

Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Terrarium Fan Set against heat accumulation in the terrarium

Stagnated air in the terrarium is one of the most underestimated dangers when it comes to keeping reptiles in a species-appropriate manner. This is understandable, because such a phenomenon does not exist in the natural habitats of our terrarium protectors and this is often the reason for reptile diseases. With the Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Terrarium Fan Set it doesn't even get that far. The Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Terrarium Fan Set is a real wonder when it comes to climate control in the terrarium. Here you receive a complete set consisting of a transformer and two powerful low-voltage fans. This ingenious combination provides plenty of fresh air in the terrarium and especially reptiles with an increased need for fresh air - chameleons, for example - can be offered optimal housing conditions in this way. Ideally, you should mount the two terrarium fans so that one of the fans sucks the used air out of the terrarium, while the second fan provides the right supply of fresh air. This results in a perfect air exchange and a real health benefit for your reptiles.

And of course the Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Terrarium Fan Set also has a special highlight. The speed of the Terra Fan terrarium fans is temperature controlled. This means that the higher the temperature in the terrarium, the faster the terrarium fans rotate. This is especially perfect in summer, as the terrarium temperature can often rise very quickly due to the higher outside temperatures - the Lucky Reptile Terra Fan terrarium fan set ensures that overheating problems do not occur in the first place. Another clear advantage of the Lucky Reptile Terra Fan terrarium fan set is the possibility of expanding the ventilation system. You can connect up to four terrarium ventilators to the transformer and thus supply especially large terrariums with sufficient fresh air. The replacement fans for the Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Terrarium Fan are of course available separately. In addition, the Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Terrarium Fan Set is anything but a power guzzler and convinces in practice with its pleasantly quiet running noise. The Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Terrarium Fan Set has proven its worth with us especially where we are dependent on the use of large and powerful UV surface emitters in the terrarium, which cause high waste heat and often overheat the terrarium. All in all an absolutely convincing product, which permanently provides a reptile healthy climate in the terrarium. By the way: There is no danger to your reptiles when operating the fans - a protective grid ensures that terrarium animals cannot come into contact with the moving parts of the terrarium fans.

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