Lucky Reptile Spanish Moss

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The creative furnishing element for the terrarium: LUCKY REPTILE SPANISH MOSS! Optically ingenious, best product quality.

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  • Wunderschöne Dekoration für viele Terrarienarten
  • Reines Naturprodukt, gut für das Terrarienklima
  • Frei von chemischen Zusätzen
  • Top Terrariendeko zum Sparpreis

Lucky Reptile Spanish Moss - the natural terrarium decoration

Spanish moss - or Louisianamoos - is also known as "fairy hair" in German-speaking countries. The plant belongs to the bromeliad family and its growth form is comparable to that of the so-called beard lichens. Spanish moss is native to the south of the USA, but its distribution reaches as far as Argentina and Chile. Spanish moss has no roots and simply hangs from any suitable rootstock. These can be trees, roofs or even power lines. The Spanish moss simply absorbs nutrients through rain and air. In the terrarium Lucky Reptile Spanish Moss simply looks very spectacular and this plant is suitable as a decoration for dry terrariums and jungle terrariums alike. A great visual effect can be achieved by simply letting Lucky Reptile Spanish Moss hang in tufts from the back of a terrarium or from terrarium branches - you will get a fantastic rainforest atmosphere. The dense tufts are used by terrarium animals also gladly as camouflage or hiding place.

Lucky Reptile Spanish Moss also regulates the climate in the terrarium. Due to the large surface area of the terrarium plant, after spraying Lucky Reptile Spanish Moss can evaporate much more liquid. A beautiful decoration with positive side effects. Lucky Reptile Spanish Moss is a pure natural product and has not been chemically aftertreated.

You will receive 50 grams of Lucky Reptile Spanish Moss.

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