Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding

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The top substrate for snake keeping: LUCKY REPTILE SNAKE BEDDING! Absolutely high-quality and with particularly high absorbency.

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  • Nimmt Feuchtigkeit ganz besonders schnell auf
  • Aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen hergestellt
  • Locker und perfekt zum Eingraben
  • In zwei Packungsgrößen mit 10 und 20 Litern

Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding - biodegradable substrate for terrariums

With Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding you get an absolutely natural substrate for your terrarium, which is made of high quality hemp hurds. Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding is absolutely free of chemical additives and consists of renewable raw materials so that this substrate is completely compostable. Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding is particularly recommended for keeping snakes, but also tortoises and many tropical lizards love this particularly soft substrate. Terrarium animals can easily bury themselves in Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding if it is high enough into the terrarium. So reptiles can dig nests effortlessly and hide in the ground. The natural, soft hemp hurds are completely harmless when swallowed by reptiles and can easily be digested. A clear advantage over the frequently used beech chopped granules.

You can get the Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding from us in two different package sizes

- Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding, 10 Litres
- Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding, 20 litres

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