Lucky Reptile Premium Bark Bedding

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The high-quality premium substrate for terrariums: LUCKY REPTILE BARK BEDDING! Mould resistant due to purely natural ingredients.

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  • Nur aus bester europäischer Douglasienrinde hergestellt
  • Sorgt für optimale Luchtfeuchte im Terrarium
  • Hergestellt aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen und umweltfreundlich
  • Bindet alle Arten von Schmutz und Feuchtigkeit

Lucky Reptile Premium Bark Bedding - the premium ground made from the best Douglas fir bark

With Lucky Reptile Premium Bark Bedding we offer a top class terrarium bottom, made of European Douglas fir bark and ideal for keeping all tropical reptiles and snakes. Douglas fir bark has a beautiful, reddish shimmer, which also positively underlines the optics in the terrarium. Due to the high content of natural humic substances and essential oils, Lucky Reptile Premium Bark Bedding substrate is resistant to rotting and does not mold. Lucky Reptile Bark Bedding's fresh, natural smell, which lasts for a particularly long time, is another advantage. The positive effect on the terrarium climate resulting from the use of this terrarium substrate should also not be underestimated. Lucky Reptile Bark Bedding can store large amounts of moisture and stabilizes the humidity in the terrarium.

Lucky Reptile Bark Bedding is also a convincing choice when it comes to hygiene. This great substrate absorbs liquids and binds dirt, effectively reducing bad odours in the terrarium. Lucky Reptile Premium Bark Bedding is made from renewable raw materials and only Central European Douglas firs are used - no North American Douglas fir and no Southern European pine, as is usually the case with other substrates of this kind. This means short transport routes and thus a significantly better CO2 balance. By purchasing Lucky Reptile Bark Bedding you also contribute to environmental protection. Of course, this substrate is completely compostable. Lucky Reptile Premium Bark Bedding has a fine sieving but is still dust-free. One of the advantages of this is that feed insects cannot hide in the ground. Lucky Reptile Premium Bark Bedding is the perfect substrate for almost all types of reptiles. Especially for snake species, forest reptiles (e.g. iguanas) and tortoises.


You get the fantastic Lucky Reptile Premium Bark Bedding from us in two different pack sizes with 10 litres or 20 litres of finest substrate for terrariums.

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